2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo from North America


Looks great, but..


Where to start!

The drivers heated seat took 3 months to repair, all badging needed to be replaced because of peeling, rotors replaced just this week, rear wiper arm cracked and broke... all replaced at no charge, but a very big waste of time. While my Jeep was in being repaired for the wiper arm the snapper head doing the work spilled oil down the back lift gate staining the lift gate handle and bumper. This all was replaced at no charge. While the were replacing the damaged oil stains they scratched the rear bumper. Being the Laredo there is no paint... now the entire bumper had to be replaced. I wash my cars when they are dirty, (twice a week min.) When I traded my Jimmy they drove it right to the sales row. It was mint, they should know better by now!

General Comments:

Purchase high performance rotors and pads when warranty runs out.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2003

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 from North America


The Laredo is a puts


The drivers seat has no heat, the module has to be replaced. The rear wiper arm is cracked. This is all being replaced at no cost by the dealer. Very disappointed there was no lumbar support with the leather seats that were selected, if we would have known this we would have requested the lumbar.

General Comments:

Great looking SUV and worth the money. The infinity sound system makes the Bose sound like an AM radio.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2003

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD Limited 2.7 Common Rail diesel from UK and Ireland


One of the best SUVs available in the UK


The engine and gearbox are Mercedes, linked to Jeep electronics.

The Engine malfunction warning came on six times in two months. This locked the gearbox in third gear and could only be rectified by a main dealer. Daimler Chrysler failed to rectify the fault and in 2 months I only drove the vehicle for three and half weeks.

Daimler Chrysler then replaced the vehicle with a 2003 model (at no cost to me) and the same fault occurred at 700 miles. It took Daimler Chrysler over three months to diagnose the fault and finally rectify it.

The Climate Control system failed at 700 miles on the original vehicle.

General Comments:

The 2003 model is spacious (UK standards) and extremely comfortable.

The 2.7 litre CRD is a significant improvement on any other diesel I have driven.

However, I have concerns that Daimler Chrysler persisted in selling vehicles which had known faults without having made any attempt to rectify these.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2003

16th Aug 2003, 16:10

I have just completed a day spraying under-seal to a UK CRD.

I was very, very surprised that the manufacturer had supplied only a minimal and poorly applied and very thin covering of underseal.

Additionally, there was no wax inside the chassis box sections - I had to spray these sections to ensure no corrosion could occur.

The front and rear prop-shaft and center differential cover plate were unpainted and after a year of UK driving was rusted!

Also the diesel fuel cooler (mounted underside the nearside rear of the car is not adequately protected from possible grounding damage (it is a 4x4 after all).

Summary - How can a car costing more than 25 thousand pounds not have adequate undersealing, or painting of the drive-train? The UK winter's use of road salt certainly made the underside of this CRD look 10 years old after just 1 year.

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 2 wheel drive V6 from North America


Comfy ride


At around 9000 miles, the electrical system shorted out on my way home from work. I called the provided Chrysler 800 roadside. The lady who answered was very polite and quickly had a tow truck on its way to me. I expected to be towed to the nearest Jeep dealer within 10 miles or so. I was quite surprised when the lady said they would be happy to tow it back to the dealership where I bought the car (about 30 miles away).

We arrived about an hour after the mechanics had left for the day. The salesman who had sold me the car met me outside and made some notes when I explained what had happened. He wrote up a repair order and promised it would be looked at first thing the next morning.

Sure enough, I had my Jeep back by noon. Something had gone wrong with the battery and caused the short circuit. They repaired the problem and replaced the battery. I haven't had any problems since then.

General Comments:

I'm short, and I love the adjustable-height brake pedal. The leather seats are comfy. The sunroof is a nice feature, as are the radio controls on the steering wheel. The Jeep accelerates nicely and braking is okay.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2002