2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 liter from North America


A real lemon!!!


1-3-03 (7,574 miles) Brakes were pulsating, updated calipers and replaced rotors.

3-25-03 (9,650 miles) Transmission control module shorted, replaced T.C.M.,solenoid pack.

10-21-03 (14,613 miles) Brakes pulsating again, dealer found excessive runout front brake rotors and both front and back warped. They resurfaced the rear brake rotors and replaced the front.

4-16-04 (18,883 miles) Pulsating again! Replaced both front rotors due to excessive runout and warping.

6-1-04 Brakes are squeaking today.

General Comments:

We are currently in the process of talking to the manufacturer and the Attorney General. The manufacturer is offering to put vented rotors on our vehicle and says this will fix all the problems. We are asking for reimbursement. If this was the fix, why wasn't it done several brake jobs ago. No one wanted to work with us until a letter went out. I believe this is a tactic to put us over our warranty time.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2004

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.8L HOV from North America


Leave it alone


The rotors warped at 10,000 miles.

The initial warping required a complete replacement of the front end brake assemblies.

The rotors required machining at 30,000 miles. It seems I'm not alone in this area - time for a recall?

The sensor for my check engine light went out and required replacement.

General Comments:

The rotors on the Jeep vehicles seem to be a constant problem for owners. Maybe it is time Jeep looks into their construction and the possibility of putting in a heavier-duty version to account for the heat build-up and the vehicle weight. It is very confusing why Jeep allows this problem to continue.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2004

3rd Jun 2004, 16:07

My 2002 Grand Cherokee is in the shop again for brakes. They now tell me that I need the third set of rotors in under 25,000 miles... this set lasted less than 10,000...this is my THIRD and LAST Jeep. There is an obvious design defect or OEM part problem. This has been brought to Jeeps attention, but they don't seem to care.

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7L V8 from North America


My wife and I love the 2002 Grand Cherokee, but refuse to continue replacing rotors, Chrysler HELP!


Warped front brake rotors.

General Comments:

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited is comfortable and a very nice looking vehicle! My only issue is with the brakes. In two instances with my Jeep the dealer has been responsible for the warping problem. The first instance was at 15,000 miles when I had the Jeep dealer rotate the tires and when I got the vehicle back the steering wheel was nearly jerked from my hands. The second instance was recently when I purchased a new set of Goodyear tires for my Jeep @38,000 miles. I got my Jeep back and again it just about jerked the steering wheel out of my hands at stops (or slowing down) on the interstate. Both of these problems occurred after the Jeep dealers' removed and re-in-stalled the wheels. Possibly an over torque problem? Neither dealer would admit it was their fault! Maybe it was just a coincidence. (Yeah, Right!)

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Review Date: 13th April, 2004

8th Dec 2004, 14:31

I had the same problem with my 99' G.C.Laredo. I found out that Jeep Dealerships offer a calliper upgrade for $150-$160, and includes new pads. These callipers are actually the same as the 2003 model that resolves the issues. They just never did a Recall. This resolved all problems of warping rotors. Don't waste your time listening to the techs say it's a rotor problem.

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 inline six from North America


Go out and buy it!


The only problem we've had with the Jeep is a faulty rear tire, which was replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

The Jeep is a great car that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a capable, yet comfortable SUV.

Power from the inline-six is adequate for most needs, with good low rpm pickup.

Congratulation's to Chrysler on the interior. Compared to our old 2000 Cherokee, the build quality is first rate. My only complaint is the lack of rear seat leg space for tall occupants.

If you live in the snow belt, buy this vehicle. Our Jeep has the Select-Trac system four wheel drive and it will take you through the slickest, deepest snow without a hint of complaint. I could only imagine how well it would perform with the full-time system.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2004