9th Jun 2004, 11:27

I also am going on to my fifth set of rotors due to warping.

11th Jul 2004, 11:43

The rotors on my Jeep warped at 10,000 miles. The dealer told me that this was a problem known by Chrysler. The rotors were promptly replaced. The rotors were again warped at 30,000 miles. They were not covered by warranty at this point so I had to pay myself to have them replaced. The dealer was much too expensive so I had them replaced elsewhere. However, I was very surprised to hear that the dealer did not recommend the original factory rotors this time. He instead recommended some better, and obviously more expensive, rotors that would prevent this problem from reoccurring. That was a very interesting recommendation, one that makes me wonder why Chrysler doesn't use these better rotors in the first place.

I also had the 4x4 service done and had my tires rotated when the dealer checked the rotors. Now whenever I drive for more than 10 minutes, turning the car causes it to make excruciating wheezing sounds. So it's back to the dealer next week. I have to say, for a $30K+ purported luxury SUV, the quality and service are seriously lacking. The Jeep is a very cool car, but times like these make me miss my much cheaper Acura that never needed anything more than gas and oil.

16th Aug 2004, 14:41

To cure all your rotor woes, simply tighten lug nuts to their proper torque value. I had the same rotor warping issues, till I figured this out. 44,000miles later, NO rotor warpage.most mechanics simply tighten lug nuts down with an impact wrench which is usually WAY to tight.

12th Mar 2005, 21:01

I too, as many, have had nothing but trouble with my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. At 30,000 km (11,000 miles) I had the front rotors replaced under warranty. Again at 42,000 km - front rotors; now at 52,000 km - back rotors. Does anyone know if there is a hidden call-back for this problem?

12th Mar 2005, 21:41

2002 Grand Cherokee brake problems

I own a jeep and will never own another. 30,000 km I replace the front rotor because they had warped at 42,000 km I replaced them again. Now at 52,000km I am replacing the back rotors because it shakes you off the road. What the #^*& is Chrysler doing about this problem. I am spending an arm and leg trying to keep this vehicle on the road.

13th Jul 2005, 07:46

Same problem!!! 2002 Jeep Cherokee - At 30000 miles, I had to have new rotors on the front and had to pay for them myself ($300) Ouch!! I love my Jeep otherwise, but now at 57000 miles, my brakes are starting to make noise again. I can't afford to keep it on the road.

23rd Nov 2005, 09:30

I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the check engine light came on, and my husband replaced a sensor, because that is what the diagnostics test found was bad. About a week after replacing the part my check engine light came on again and has since been on. Something needs to be done about this. I liked my Jeep at first, but now this will be the only on I ever own, because of all the problems.

7th Aug 2006, 21:52

I had the same warped rotor problem at around 800 miles. I paid a private garage $85.00 to replace the rotors (a real bargain), and drove the car another 90,000 miles without another problem. It seems the dealers either are not using good rotors or they are screwing something else up. I will NEVER let a dealer work on mine again. I'd rather pay a private garage and get it done right the first time. (incidentally, $350.00 for a pair of rotors is INSANE!!)

9th Aug 2006, 19:20

I have 300.000 on my Jeep. Normal maintenance.

16th Aug 2006, 23:05

Turned rotors at 14,000 miles, replaced at 24,000 miles, now 38,000 miles and need to be either turned or replace with something that will last.

I have heard people comment saying it is my fault for driving and braking hard, and that it's not a Civic, yes I know it's not a light car, and so did Jeep when they designed it. So with that in mind, they should have put heavy duty brakes on it.

My Jeep has the 4.7 V8 with the tow package. I have only towed a trailer maybe 10 times short distances and light loads. I can only imagine how fast my brakes would have gone out if I had a boat to tow every weekend.

I have had many cars and have put many miles on all of them, and while I expect to have some problems with a car, I don't expect to have the same problem over and over again. This is a design flaw and should be fixed by JEEP!

This is my 4th Jeep, but I hate to say probably my LAST.

24th Jul 2007, 12:53

I just purchased a 2002 Grand cherokee laredo it is nothing, but a headache. The brakes squeal all the times even after the dealer says he replaced the rotors and brakes, the passenger window fell down inside the door. The engine light keeps coming on, but the mechanic says it means nothing just replace the sensor. He reset it, but not even a week later it is back on again. Does anyone know if there is a lemon clause in effect because I seem to have found one I would like to return after not even a month.

7th Oct 2007, 08:19

Anyone saying "do it yourself" or "you're being up-sold by mechanics and dealerships" obviously don't know these Jeeps very well. There is a reason they have the nickname of Heeps. Those posters have not read Jeeps own Service Manual. It states very clearly that the Front Brake Rotors are Match Mounted to the hubs. This means they are MACHINED to match each other, high to low and low to high spots to prevent any run-out (shake) or at-least mitigate it. This process is not repeated in most home garages or even mechanics shops because people think they know whats going on. Again, the Service Manual even says this procedure is not capable of being completed by the typical service tech.

The rears are not subject to Match Mounting so go ahead and replace them at will. The fronts however, require removing the rotor and hub assembly to machine them together, have the rotors turned on the vehicle or relegate yourself to replacing the rotors and pads more often then other vehicles if you don't match mount. This issue is compounded by the factory not using the highest grade components, so aftermarket parts may last longer, but will still degrade abnormally fast compared to the front rotors on say a Pathfinder.

I personally will never own a Jeep that I expect to be any kind of daily driver without a heavy expectation of serious maintenance due to others experiences and my constant assistance, diagnosis and correction of problems with the Jeeps of my friends.

19th Oct 2007, 11:35

WOW...I guess I must be one lucky Jeep GC owner. I bought a new 2002 GC Limited w/V8 in 2002. It was built in 2/02. I just changed front and rear brakes at 63,000 along with tires. No brake rotor warping noted. I did find that Jeep had two caliper suppliers in 2002. Maybe that makes a difference in performance since the brake pad design is also different. I also have had no alignment problems. My issues to date were a failed transmission sensor module, and an a/c line o-ring leak (pinched at the factory; slow leak). At 68,000 I have now noticed that my right rear axle seal is weeping and the rear shocks are also weeping. That's it. We absolutely love this vehicle... on and off the road.