19th Jun 2008, 23:00

2002 JGC Sport. 80K miles now and love the ride and car design.


Window actuator broke and cost $350 to replace... dealer (yes, I know, a mistake) said the actuator comes as an assembly.

Transmission had intermittent problem of not shifting into first when coming to a stop. Finally wouldn't go in first except manually. Dealer said overhaul transmission for $2400. Took it to a good local trans man and he fixed it for $300 without taking it out of car. It was a module accessible from outside the tranny. He must have done something else to it, because it runs and shifts better than when new.

Rotors turned about 55k miles and new Toyos put on at 72K miles (love those Toyos) but, alas, rotors are out of round agai,n so I'm going to put on better rotors and some new pads myself.

Except for these few problems, I've been extremely pleased with the Jeep.

19th Dec 2008, 19:22

I have a 2002 2WD V-8 Grand Cherokee Limited with 113,920 miles. I relined the front brakes for the first time at around 108,000 and had the rotors turned. They were pulsating some what before, understandably at over 100k miles. They are doing fine today. As I saw another person post, over torquing the wheel nuts is key to short life of the rotors. Always use a torque wrench.

20th Aug 2010, 02:48

Have a 2002 JGC 4WD Sport with the standard 4.7 V8, and I agree with most of what "8th Aug 2006, 17:04 said"...

It's odd, but the cheaper rotors I buy, the better and longer they perform? Go figure.

I stumbled onto something some years back that makes a huge difference in the way my brakes hold up. I cross sand new or existing rotors when I do a brake job, and then take it easy while breaking in the new pads until they're seated in. This makes for even contact between the rotors and pads and eliminates 'hot spots' that can cause heat build-up, grabbing and squealing.

I get a bonus in that my pads wear longer, and there's less heat to cause rotor warping... that's if proper lug torque and all the other check points are covered.

Anyway, most of the usual brake complaints I have experienced since disc brakes came into common use have pretty much disappeared, and this simple step added to my routine brake jobs seems to be the only reason I can think of.

19th Sep 2010, 18:02

I purchased an '02 Jeep Cherokee Laredo in 2005.

Not long after that I spent $988.00 on the brakes. A few months after that one of the front power windows quit working, it cost almost $400.00. The other front window quit working shortly after that, another $400.00. Next, the power steering hose had to be replaced. Just this year my heater core went out and had to be replaced. The heater core alone was $150.00, not including labor. Now my air conditioning is not working and another window (in the back this time) is not working.

I am sick to death of this. It's one thing for one of the windows to go, but seriously, 3?

28th Sep 2011, 06:59

I replaced a sensor and bought a new gas cap. Light still on. The light didn't come on until I started having fan problems. The fan wasn't shutting off when the Jeep was off. Replaced fan and module. Then the fan wouldn't turn on. That's when the light came on. I replaced module 4x. Seems to only last for 2 weeks. They told me to get a new gas cap. Did that; light still on. And the fan is working for now. 1 more week before 2 weeks are up.