25th Jan 2005, 13:52

I once read that when the curve of the descending value over time meets the curve of the ascending repair cost over time, one should consider changing a car.

My Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD ran out of guarantee last September, I bought it new in August 2002. During guarantee, just 2 problems: The waste-gate solenoid was replaced and the leaking front window was sealed.

Now, 90'000 km later, the front rotors and pads were changed, the left front seat heating is still not functioning after 2 days in the garage and a new switch and about once a week, the engine warning light goes on and the car is unable to reach more than 120 kph (75 mph) on motorways - the speed limit anyhow in the country where I live - but the turbo-power is gone as well - so you have to stay behind the lorries. When stopping the engine and restarting, the problem is gone - until a week later.

The garage is unable to fix the problem when it is not showing up acutely on the dash board.

On the positive side: the tires lasted longer than on any car I ever owned - the same applied to the brakes and the Diesel consumption at around 10 liters/100 km on highways is very reasonable for this size and weight of car.

May-be I'll be patient for another year - I guess that the biggest depreciation has occurred by now.

12th May 2005, 21:18

I Purchased a Jeep 2.7 crd limited in Australia and have had it back 6 times in 6 months to have a noise fixed in the Engine or transmission that was there from new. The noise comes in at about 1500rpm and increases up to 2000rpm where it resonates or comes in and out before disapearing at 2500rpm. The only problem is the power range is between 1800 and 2600rpm so it is there all the time. They have replaced the torque converter, but did not fix the problem. They test drove 5 other CRD's and found the noise in all of them some loader than others. Solution was to "Get Used To it". There also another noise, it sounds like a loose baffle in catalytic converter. But that gets less once it gets hot.

As for the brakes the disks warped after 800Kms and they replaced them and fitted larger calipers. Apparently they only fit them if you complain. Solution is complain.

Would I buy another one, yes if they could fix the stupid noise.