It's a Lemon

45 words

Rio 4 cylinder

Inexpensive, reliable, good for the money

355 words, 1 comment


Most reliable car

147 words

Rio 1.5 4 cylinder


112 words


Very economical; love how simple and reliable it is!

83 words

Rio LS 1.5 litre

Great except for underpowered and not really comfortable

183 words

Rio 1.5 gas

Decent car for a decent price

62 words

Rio LS

A piece of firey hell

112 words

Rio LX 4 cylinder

Should not be allowed on the market

149 words


The greatest value car out there

207 words


It has its pros and cons

199 words


Fabulous at a good price

70 words

Rio RS 1.5L

Piece of crap... never buy any thing kia!!!

277 words


Cheap car, it has it's problems, but I love it anyway

130 words


My Kia is at 135,000 and still going!

563 words


The KIA RIO is a death trap on wheels

190 words, 2 comments



184 words

Rio 4 cylinder

Cheaply priced, but cheaply made

88 words


I am a very satisfied Kia customer

85 words

Rio rs 1.5


234 words

Rio 4 cylinder

Good for driving in town, but not much else

121 words, 2 comments


I would not buy another KIA model in my entire life-very unhappy

148 words, 1 comment

Rio LS 1.5

I would buy and recommend the KIA Rio

98 words


Friends don't let friends buy Kia's

78 words

Rio RS 1.5

I will never buy another Kia.

123 words

Rio Upgraded Package

Good, but not great

181 words


After the head gasket/head cylinder was replaced for the third time, I traded it in the next day!

297 words

Rio Base 1.6 gasoline

Killed In Action, need I say more?

82 words, 2 comments

Rio 1.5 DOHC


1084 words, 2 comments


The Kia Rio is worse than expensive and annoying, it I s dangerous

311 words, 2 comments


I wouldn't buy another

493 words


OK for beginner car, but dump it after 3 years

228 words, 1 comment

Rio RS 1.5

If I was you, I wouldn't look at a KIA

124 words

Rio RS 1.5 litre

My RIO is simply the best little car I have ever owned.

42 words, 1 comment

Rio RS 4 liter

Love the car, hate the lease

169 words

Rio 4 cylinder

Not worth the money or headache!

106 words

Rio 1.2

The Korean Death-mobile

157 words, 4 comments


Decent car, good gas mileage, but no comfort!

205 words


A badly made car

80 words, 1 comment

Rio upgrade package 1.5 DOHC

Sport sedan under cover

92 words, 1 comment


242 words, 2 comments


KIA Rio worse than my '82 Acadian

294 words, 6 comments

Rio LS DOHC 1.5L

Cheap to run, but expensive to buy

237 words, 1 comment

Rio LX

The worst piece of crap I've ever owned

61 words

Rio 1.5L

Piece of crap on wheels!!!

127 words, 9 comments

Rio Base 1.5 liter

Inexpensive, good power, good mileage, great trunk and 4-doors!!

155 words

Rio 4 Cylinder

This car is a good deal, I recommend it to anyone

109 words

Rio LS 1.5

This was NOT a well made car

107 words

Rio Sedan 1.5L L4 EFI DOHC 16v

A bargain that just beats walking

53 words

Rio 1.5

Surprisingly good car for a low price

72 words

Rio RS


353 words

Rio 1.5L

Good inexpensive car with first model year bugs

348 words


I guess you get what you pay for

104 words, 1 comment

Rio LX 1.5

I'm counting down the days until the lease is up!

438 words, 1 comment

Rio 1.5 16v

Wish I fixed my old Oldsmobile until I had the extra money to buy a Corola

65 words

Rio LX 1.5

Poor Quality

110 words

Rio RS ( Base ) 1.5L I4

An excellent car for the price

185 words


Kia Rios are Lemons!

71 words

Rio 4 Cylinder

Not useful as a piece of transportation!

406 words, 2 comments

Rio LS

Kia should be out of business, what a horrible purchase

200 words, 7 comments

Rio Base 1.5 liter 4 cylinder

It's a cheap piece of junk

88 words


Buying my Kia Ria was the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life

234 words, 2 comments

Rio regular 1.5


26 words

Rio Kio

A Lemon, Lemon, Lemon!!!

252 words, 16 comments

Rio LX 1.5

The worst car that I ever had.

130 words, 3 comments

Rio Standard 1.5

A reliable, powerful sub-compact car to accessorize my driving needs

183 words

Rio 1.5

It is the best investment I have made in cars

72 words, 9 comments

Rio RS 1.5

228 words, 28 comments

Rio 1.5

Go Kia!

25 words, 13 comments