Freelander SE 2.5L 174 Quadcam 24 valve aluminum V6


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Freelander S 2.5 liter


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High maintenance!

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Freelander SE gas

If over-priced, underpowered, and continual upkeep are for you then this right up you alley. lol

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Freelander SE

Don't waste your time and money

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Freelander SE V6

I feel totally misled in this car buying experience.

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Freelander SE 2.5

Classic British - fun, sporty, and completely unreliable

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Freelander SE

A superb SUV

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Freelander S

Too early to tell

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Freelander S 2.5L V6

An excellent buy if you want a small SUV

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Freelander SE3 V6

Very happy with this car so far

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