1997 Land Rover Range Rover SE 4.0L V8


English charm and beauty, along with unreliability and expense


Heater core o-rings failed and were leaking a small amount of coolant onto the passenger carpet. Although the o-rings are cheap (about $7 for both), the job is long and tedious to access the connection. It took me hours, and certainly the dealer would have had a hefty labor charge.

Subwoofer, left-rear door speakers, and left-rear courtesy lamps all quit. It turned out a splice running below the b-pillar had corroded away (I was worried about a BeCM problem). I repaired the splice myself and the problem is solved.

Several dashboard lamps have failed, including the message center display and some on the climate control panel. I have replaced all these.

General Comments:

It's a Range Rover - and that means a beautiful vehicle with timeless styling and a rich-interior, combined with exceptional sturdiness and go-anywhere capability. But, unfortunately, it also typically means a never-ending, guaranteed stream of repairs on this complex vehicle, which flaunted a lot of non-perfected technology. Here in the US, parts are expensive, and at this age, some of them are hard to get.

It's an amazing vehicle, with exceptional drive train smoothness and a nice ride quality. It imparts a heavy and substantial feel, and with its permanent 4WD, makes one seem invincible in poor weather. I drive mine off-road, and it handles it well. The big worries are the air suspension failing (which it does regularly), or the BeCM failing (which also happens fairly frequently). Other worries include the complex climate control system, heater core (or o-ring) failure, ABS pump failure, Rover V8 head gasket / liner / block issues, and more.

Compared to my previous '92 Range Rover County, this newer version is more comfortable, far more luxurious, roomier, and has a little more power. Power from the 4.0L V8 is merely 'adequate', with tepid acceleration. However, the engine is very, very smooth and quiet, and shifts exceptionally smoothly. Far less drive train slack in this version vs. the Classic.

Perhaps its worst trait is its thirst for fuel. I get around 10 MPG city and perhaps up to 16 MPG on 55mph highways. Interstate speeds increase consumption. I love this vehicle, but fully understand its operating expense.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2012

1997 Land Rover Range Rover 4.0 SE V8 Gasoline


This is a great car!


Emission sensors have been replaced twice.

General Comments:

This is a wonderful car!

After driving a BMW 528 I wasn't sure how I would adjust to the difference.

My Range Rover has been reliable, comfortable and a joy to own.

It drives beautifully and the cabin is very comfortable for four people.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2004

24th Dec 2009, 14:40

Just wait till it starts going wrong, which it surely will, then get rid of it. The car will consume all of your wealth!!!

30th Jan 2013, 04:22

ALL his wealth I don't know about, but yes - he'll certainly be poorer than if he had plonked for a Land Cruiser or something else!

31st Jan 2013, 05:03

Actually we felt they were horrible. Nice image vehicle if you carry people around. It impresses people, but not your wallet. But air suspension went and engine issues. Better off buying a new Ford Explorer with no issues.