1981 Lincoln Mark VI 5.0 Liter V8


Classic luxury at an affordable price


The engine control module went at 110,000 miles.

Normal wear and tear like fuses, lights, brakes, etc.

General Comments:

One of the best looking Lincolns in my opinion. The continental tire hump in the back and the side vents gives it the air of classic luxury.

This car was the technological triumph of the luxury cars in its decade. The digital gauges and read out panel are fun to have.

The interior has everything modern cars have today, like 6 way power seats and an fuel economy gauge. This Lincoln even has things that some of the new cars don't have, such as heated rear view mirrors, digital read out screen, digital trip meter, window locks, and more.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2003

5th Jan 2005, 16:03

Not sure what "window locks" are, but all that other stuff was typical luxury car equipment, even back in 1981.

14th Feb 2005, 20:35

This genre is easily the best riding automobile ever made. There isn't much not to like in these!

25th Nov 2005, 10:50

I've recently bought a 1981 Lincoln Mark VI that doesn't run. I think it only needs a fuel pump, but do not know where it's located on the car. Can anyone tell me? My email is kentjohnston@excite.com. Thanks!