18th Jan 2014, 19:19

I own a 1981 Lincoln Mark VI Cartier Coupe. I've had it for about three months, and I am totally pleased with the car.

Parts, I would say is the biggest problem. The ride is superb.

The 80 to 83 period in America was terrible with super high inflation, fuel shortages and an automobile industry in turbulence. I think Ford did the right thing with the Panther Platform. After the recession, sales took off and Ford earned a reputation for reliable cars desired by the older conservative crowd and law enforcement. What an odd combination.

If you need a windshield for a Mark VI coupe, you are in for a real treasure hunt, because the four door models of the LTD, Marquis, Mark VI and Town Car will not work.

While I loved my Mark V, I really enjoy the economy and handling of my Mark VI better. It even parks better in my garage. I can actually walk around it.

31st Jan 2014, 20:22

My Mark VI coupe is a 1980 with the 351 carbureted, but I guess '80 is the only year that engine was an option for this car.. and it's got the Variable Venturi mess of a carb. Working on swapping that out as we speak. Anyone know where I can get a drivers door hinge and latch for this thing? Would one off a Panther LTD, Marquis, Town Car work? Considering selling mine too, I'm in western WA. It's got 101k miles and aftermarket airbag suspension (lowrider). laliegag@aol.com

2nd Feb 2014, 22:32

I've heard that the hinges are Lincoln-specific. If you have time, check out your local junkyards to see if they have any '80s Town Cars to harvest parts from.

21st Oct 2014, 02:43

3.08 gears and true dual exhausts. 302.

19th Nov 2014, 21:56

Cadillac eventually did put a Chevy 350 in their RWD Fleetwood Brougham in 1990... which was a whole lot better than those "doggy" Oldsmobile 307s (used in the 80s, after the 4.1L fiasco, and the 8-6-4 fiasco, and the diesel fiasco).

19th Nov 2014, 22:03

Try "Lincoln Parts International" in Perris, California. I think that it's near L.A.

I'm curious about your degree of success in "changing over" your Mark VI's fuel and/or electricals/electronics. I'm considering a Mark VI for sale now, but am nervous about it becoming a headache. In comparison, my '85 Town Car daily driver runs perfectly. What a change in only a couple of years. Sadly, the supply of good-but-reasonably priced 80s Town Cars is going down kinda fast... no thanks to government-type liberals/social engineers -- a plague on them!

19th Nov 2014, 22:05

Beware that the door hinges could be different on a two-door versus a four-door Mark VI. Two-door cars have heavier doors, due to their length.

19th Nov 2014, 22:09

The carburetors on '81s were close to worthless because they're so unreliable.

The best choice would be to find an '83 (or '84 -'85) for their fuel system and electronic parts (including wiring harness, sensors, ECM, "the whole nine yards") and swap over. No, it's not easy, but these cars had very troublesome carbs when they were new... let alone now.

21st Nov 2014, 04:16

If you disable the cylinder deactivation on the 8-6-4, it's a fine reliable Cadillac big block V8 with a bigger trans and rear end to back it up.

The Olds diesel was a disaster back then, but today if taken care of with the improved head bolts and a water separator (not available back then), it too was actually fairly reliable.

The HT-4100 (82-85) was the worst Cadillac engine to come off the assembly line, with the Northstar right behind it.

The Olds 307 is a strong runner, but has no power.

26th Apr 2015, 14:48

I have a 1982 Mark 6 and can't seem to get the dash lights bright enough on a sunny day -- hard to see.

Any ideas out there??

My e-mail is rlweiers@2hotmail.com

9th Nov 2016, 23:29

Mine did that once too. It is the crank sensor.

30th Nov 2016, 17:39

The Mark VI was not available with the BMW diesel; the Mark 7 was.

20th May 2018, 16:33

Window locks lock out all windows except the driver's. Child safety feature.

5th Nov 2018, 21:45

This commentator is "spot-on"! I have also noticed that good 1980s RWD big Lincolns have become suddenly very scarce! The few that are available now... have become very pricey, compared to only a few years ago.