27th Oct 2009, 20:44

I have a problem with my throttle body burning too rich. Can someone please help?

21st May 2010, 20:41

I understand that the purists PREFER the Marks from the late 1960s through the late 1970s.

But, good grief; they're all TWO-DOORS! I HATE two-door cars.

I'm looking for a nice FOUR-DOOR Mark VI.

25th May 2010, 00:14

Search the on-line classifieds... There are still some nice Mark VI's to be found. You might have to travel to get the car you want or have it shipped. Good luck with your search!

8th Oct 2010, 10:41

I have owned a Mark 6 for five years, and wouldn't trade it for anything. After owning over 30 cars (of all varying makes and models), the Mark 6 is by far the most comfortable, stylish, and reliable automobile I have owned. The technology of the car leaves nothing to be desired in my book. My only gripe is finding replacement parts that match the original parts. Any suggestions on where to find parts, send to Lincolnleo30@yahoo.com

13th Oct 2010, 15:18

I'm the guy who was 'looking' at a Mark VI last May. It's now mid-October. I FINALLY have a date to examine this low-mileage grey beauty: this coming Sunday. Hopefully, it will not have any major issues, or a list of them; AND that I can purchase it for reasonable money. With luck, I'll post a report here after "sorting it out".

For the previous poster, you might be able to get Mark VI parts at "Baker's": 1-860-928-7614. Also, there are 3 separate businesses in Florida for Lincolns: owner names are John Cashman, Chris Dunn, and Herb Scheffer (sp?).

Go to http://www.lcoc.org; go to "bulletin boards" and click the second one down on the list. (This BB is open to non-LCOC members.) Then, under parts vendors, check "the usual suspects", as they like to refer to them.

Jerry Chase.

9th Oct 2011, 12:17

Well if you don't like them... why are you wasting your time on this web page then?

10th Oct 2011, 14:27

That person is posting for the same reason you are, to voice his opinion. It's a right everyone has pal... he didn't say the car was total crap, but that they felt that Ford kinda went half-ass on the car. Had it been done right, the Mark VI could have been a better success. I tend to agree with that commenter. I owned one for about two years when I couldn't find a Mark V. It was an OK car, reliable and adequate, but when I got my V, I saw a WORLD of difference...

16th Oct 2011, 19:25

Was the Mark VI a flop for Lincoln? The reason I ask is because you can't find any information on these cars, and they are so hard to come by. Like I see ten Mark V's for every Mark VI I see for sale.

17th Oct 2011, 08:35

The Mark VI was a flop for Lincoln because it really was a last minute hurry up and put something out there kind of thing. GM had already done most of their downsizing by 1977 (except for Eldorado), so all they did for 80 was a facelift on their line-up. Ford had done most of theirs, except for Lincoln trying to hold out for that last year to try to get the last of the "real full size" market-share. It worked as far as sales go for 77-79, but by the end of 1979 it left them with a dilemma... "Oh crap the EPA is on our ass, we need a small mark STAT"! They didn't have time to design a car from the ground up, so they used the renowned "Panther" platform and took too many design cues from the Mark V. It wound up looking like a Mark V that was picked before it was ripe. Now mechanically it was a fine car, and did exactly what it was meant to do, lower Fords overall company EPA rating (which was dangerously close to exceeding gov. standards in 79), but as far as sales go, for the next few years Cadillac owned the American luxury car market, while in the late 70's that title went to Lincoln and their Mark's IV and V. The VI was a last minute, hastily thrown together decision that made Ford lose a lot of buyers in the 80's. But it wasn't like the 4-6-8 or diesel Caddy's of that era had Americans any more enthusiastic... At least the VI ran with little known mechanical issues...

18th Oct 2011, 06:51

Interesting about the 'rushed design' comment. It seems to me the Mark VI was more or less the same thing as a Town Car, no?

18th Oct 2011, 10:50

To 'Pappa-Jerry', you have owned a fine set of automobiles - have also owned several of the old Cadillacs and Lincolns, and while I agree that the old Lincolns rode slightly better, I always found the handling of the Cadillacs a bit better.

It might sound strange, but one of the better handling cars I had from that era was my 1973 Coupe DeVille, at least once I put top-end Michellins on it. I even loaned that car a few times to friends who had 'modern' cars, and they remarked 'wow, I didn't think I would be able to drive that monster, but it handled just great'.

16th Nov 2011, 07:03

How many of you knew the mk6 was available with a BMW turbo diesel?

I don't think they sold many, gas prices had come down and I bet anyone considering a diesel thought "It might be like an Oldsmobile - no way!".

16th Nov 2011, 12:20

Yes, you are exactly right. like I said in my earlier comment, it used the "Panther" platform that was shared with Lincoln Town Car, Mercury Grand Marque, and Ford Ltd/Crown Victorias. It truly was, and is, a fine car. If you can find a nice two door example, I'd recommend picking it up. I wouldn't mind finding one myself just to say I own one. I have a 3, 4, and 5 already. I'm not knocking it for any of its mechanicals, but from a design stand point, it was a complete failure.

16th Nov 2011, 21:39

I think you are confusing the Mark VI with the Mark VII.

18th Nov 2011, 08:20

No, not at all. The Mark VI was the last full size mark, even though it was downsized. The Mark VII was the one that was based on the Thunderbird, Cougar platform. And it actually was a bigger success than the VI, and a nicer car really.

21st Nov 2011, 11:03

Despite the Mk6 being smaller externally than the Mk5, it had at least as much interior room. Yet it didn't sell particularly well. Apart from its smaller dimensions, I think it was a better car in almost every respect.

Maybe it was perceived as just a fancy Ford on too small a platform, and gas became cheaper again at the same time.

27th Jan 2012, 14:13

Does anyone know how many Mark VI were produced?

13th Feb 2012, 14:03

It's located in the fuel tank.

2nd Dec 2012, 06:07

The Mark 6 was a beautiful auto, but not enough power. But that's government for you. Under Carter and the Dems, the CAFE standards required cars to downsize and get much better fuel economy, and the public still wanted big cars, as I believe they still like big cars today! So Lincoln tried to keep at the edge, and kept the 302 engine, which was good, but not powerful enough.

However if you drove a Caddy during the same time, they goofed with the 4100 small V8, which has even less power. Thus Mercedes, Audi, and BMW took over some of Cadillac's business. Caddy's always trumped Lincolns on power hands down! They still do to this day. But Lincoln in the 60s and 70s had the edge on quiet luxury, and the handling was pretty darn good too.

I truly believe the Mark 6 was the most beautiful vehicle American's produced, and had they put a 351 fuel injected in the car, it would have been total luxury. Same with Caddy, as they needed a 350 engine as well!

Government is the evil that gave the foreigners more of our market share, along with the big union bosses who demanded more money and got it. If only we could see car companies make cars that the public wants, and I like big cars that are quick, comfortable with soft seats, and can cruise down the road with good manners and not fall apart, as these computer things do today at 20,000 or 30,000 miles! Get back to bigger is better, and not so much computer stuff, and you'll see hot luxury vehicles return. Small sucks. And I mean it. Bigger is safer, too.