2nd Dec 2012, 16:31

I agree with you totally. Japan still makes a few good full-size luxury cars (Toyota Century, Nissan President, etc.), but they're domestic market only and are insanely difficult to get a hold of.

The big Lincolns are nice, but they gradually became something of a joke over the years. It's sad that there's no real full-sized vehicles around anymore that offer the same edge as they used to. The interiors and exteriors became bland and bulbous; a terrible mixing of several unrelated styles being mashed together.

I was looking for a newer full-size car to replace my old 1979 Cadillac sedan DeVille, and couldn't find one worth buying. The infamously quiet, powerful, and smooth big blocks were all gone by 1980, and the small blocks that replaced them were poorly suited for the job.

While this may sound a bit extreme, I replaced the old Cadillac with a 1998 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur. I have to say, the 412 cu in Rolls-Royce V8 is way better and more powerful than any competing engine I've ever seen. While it may be a bit heavy on gas, I think it's a great example of what a modern big car should be. To me, bigger V8 engines are just better, not only in performance but also in low end torque, which most modern engines ignore in favor of louder, higher revving "powerhouses".

I think the Rolls will be the last car I buy, as the 2000s don't really have any big luxury cars that are worth the money. The Lincolns made during that time became cheap and bulbous, and the Cadillacs are trying to be like the European sports cars. I really wish there would be a renaissance for these vehicles, but gas prices are just too high for many people to afford, and the average standard of living in the world is falling too low.

2nd Dec 2012, 23:53

They were only built from 1980-1983. Sticker prices were higher than the Town Car, which didn't help sales. I own an '83 MK VI sedan with the moon-dust metallic gray paint and red pinstripes :)

5th Dec 2012, 21:28

I just bought a 1981 Mark VI 4 door. 65K miles,and love it so far. Beautiful styling and comfort.

Need to find a turn signal lever with good chrome cosmetics, a fuel sending unit, and a lower chrome rocker panel passenger rear side. Suggestions??? Where can I find lower body beltline moulding inserts?

Had several Cads, including an 82 Sedan DeVille for 27 years, nice but underpowered. A 90 Brougham, a 94 Sedan DeVille (ugly), two 1976 Eldos, great but gas hogs, and I still have a 1976 Seville, 140k miles, which I will keep till I die.

This Lincoln seems very soft riding, slightly underpowered, but a great daily driver. Had several 80's MBZ's, but too stiff.

My other car is a 1992 Jack Nicholas Town Car; beautiful, but I worry about the cost of air shocks now that is has 70k miles. Just selling my 1988 Bentley, which is incredible, also 70k, but also a bit stiff in the ride for me now.

6th Dec 2012, 20:58

"Need to find a turn signal lever with good chrome cosmetics, a fuel sending unit, and a lower chrome rocker panel passenger rear side. Suggestions??? Where can I find lower body beltline moulding inserts?"

Visit www.lincolnlandinc.com. Their prices may be higher than a scrapyard, but if you need specific parts, they are worth contacting. If you're looking to meet other MK VI owners, check out www.grandmarq.net

23rd Jul 2013, 17:29

I own a 1983 Mark VI (4-door) Signature Series. It has every option available that year, including the moon roof.

I would like to agree with many above who have said that it is the best riding car they have owned.

I purchased my Mark VI in 2010, and had to put in a lot of time and money to bring it to its current condition.

In my opinion, Lincoln did an excellent job with the Mark VI during the 4 years it was produced. They kept the tradition alive at the start of the 1980's, which was the coming age of smaller cars and electronics. From that standpoint, they blended the old with the new in an outstanding way.

These cars are now starting to become collectibles, and will become more so with the passage of time. You have to understand the Mark VI in the era in which it was designed and produced. As someone else posted, the Mark VI 4 door, looks like it is moving even when it is standing still. Remember too, that the Marks were all 2 doors, except for these 4 years.

I also believe Ford choose the right engine with the 302 from 1981 to 1983. The power is adequate for cruising, and that is what you want to do in this elegant luxury automobile. I enjoy just sitting back and enjoying the sumptuous, quiet, relaxing and stress relieving ride that my Mark VI delivers, and reliving memories of when America made great rear wheel drive luxury automobiles.

24th Jul 2013, 19:21

Yes, what I would pay for a modern car that rode like that. Detroit was very foolish to give up on the "Detroit Magic" boulevard cruising ride.

3rd Oct 2013, 13:37

Did you get any suggestions as to what is wrong? I have one that does the same.

16th Oct 2013, 20:15

Love my Mark VI sedan. A truly beautiful car, and it rides better than anything. It gets complements everywhere it goes, and I love the pimped out look it has with its Rolls Royce grille, flip up lights, shark gill fenders, opera windows and continental hump. I love it.

Good on gas and effortless steering. The interior is so comfortable. Why won't Lincoln make a real car with a real name? New Lincolns lack style and presence.

6th Dec 2013, 06:21

The fuel sending unit has failed. It is located in the gas tank. The tank does not need to be removed. It is in front of the tank at the top. Very simple fix.

12th Jan 2014, 21:59

I have a 83 Mark VI Signature Series sedan. I think it is beautiful. 2 tone grey with red stripe. It rides better than anything I ever drove, including my 79 Continental and the 88 Town Car I had. Like being on glass. It runs so smooth.

I love the many luxury features. It steers so easily. And I love the pimped out styling. Rolls Royce grille and shark gill fenders, and the hump on the back and opera windows. The car is so comfortable. Adequate power too. Faster than the 79 or 88. Gas mileage around 14 average. And she's reliable too. Like a pimped out Town Car. Better than the Cadillac of the day. I highly recommend this car.

13th Jan 2014, 16:22

Did you ever see the custom headlight covers that actually had headlights on them? I believe I saw one or two on the old program Matt Houston years ago. Was kind of a neat look for the car. As far as I know, it was aftermarket and not a factory option.

13th Jan 2014, 22:11

"Faster than the 79 or 88."

Does your '81 have 3:55 gears in the rear?

14th Jan 2014, 23:40

The "touring lamps" were a factory option. Not my cup of tea... I'm glad my '83 doesn't have them.

15th Jan 2014, 17:54

That is interesting, I did not know that was a factory option. You are right though, after posting this I looked for some photos to see if I could find one with the option, and they did look a lot sleeker without the headlights.