1989 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 5.0 Liter V8


Excellent car. Ford did a good job. They sure don't make em like this anymore!!!


The car had sat for about year, and was senior owned, so as a result it was not TOO badly beaten, but was not taken care of, and I had to replace a lot because it had sat for a long time.

At 84600 miles had to replace exhaust brake lines and belts.

At 84600 miles changed the oil, which was very dirty (it looked like it hadn't been changed in years!)

Through the miles I have put on the car, I have replaced a lot, which I think is mostly due to it sitting, and to the lack of servicing it got.

I replaced an air filter, and fuel filter.

Replaced spark plugs at 88890 miles, which some of them were very carboned, and some were even filed off.

Transmission went at 88890. It wouldn't shift into overdrive (if you have experienced a similar problem, please advise me.) Transmission shifts OK in regular drive, but is now experiencing some late shifting.

Now the check engine light blinks and the car jerks.

General Comments:

Despite the many problems I have experienced with the car, I love it. I would buy another one tomorrow if I had the chance.

I very highly recommend it.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2009

27th May 2009, 20:40

In response to your Overdrive transmission issue, my cousin, a self taught expert on all things automotive to a fault, says that there is a rubber grommet in the shift linkage that wears out and needs to be replaced with a (more durable) one. This is available through Ford, but I believe the trans will still need other work once it has gotten bad enough to not shift into OD. The grommet is preventative. The shuddering may well be the trans also, as it has a torque converter lock-up, and I have experienced that in a number of the 5.0/302 - AOD power trains. Once you get past that, I can't think of a better car...

1989 Lincoln Town Car 60 inch Stretch Limo 5.0


A great fun comfy car


Front driver seat is worn pretty good, armrests have cracked some.

General Comments:

Super nice car, rides like a cloud, haven't owned it for long, the limo part is so fun for the kids.

The car runs fine, everything works, the previous owner took care of it, rebuilt transmission I was told at an unknown mileage. New radiator also.

The car still turns heads, steering little loose compared to my 92 Marquis, but it is an 89. Wish I bought this car years ago.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2009

10th Apr 2009, 12:48

Question... Why a limo? Well I guess whatever floats your "land yacht".

1989 Lincoln Town Car Signature SE 5.0 V8 302 EFI


Nice reliable car, but it loves running hot


Intake gaskets blew 1,000 miles after I bought it.

Tune up maintenance.

Windows off track and both rear doors not opening from the outside.

Thermostat replaced.

Valve cover gaskets replaced.

Hood props don't work.

Head gasket may be going slowly.

General Comments:

I owned this car for a couple months, and I'm very happy with it with the exception of the repairs it needed and may need at the 150,000-160,000 mile point.

The transmission shifts smoothly to the point where I can barely feel it.

The engine starts instantly like the other 302 I had in my F150.

It has always smelled hot and like burnt oil.

I'm just getting the valve cover gaskets changed, and my mechanic found a leak somewhere between the valve covers and the heater core. It's extremely small and he found antifreeze on the underside of the manifold. I asked my local parts store and they said it could very well be the head gaskets starting to go out. I don't mind it because my mechanic works extremely cheap, but if it weren't for that, I would've hated the car right when the intake gaskets blew.

The ride is very smooth and quiet.

My gas mileage is unknown for city driving at the time, but the highway is 24.5 with a lot of steep hills and stop and go curves, and the freeway is 28 with the MSD ignition parts.

I plan on keeping this car for a long time, and when the engine does give out I'll buy another 302 and get it right back on the road. (If you buy this type of car and think the steering is too loose, it's probably because it's so big and you aren't used to driving it. You'll be driving it with one finger after a few hours.)

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Review Date: 24th July, 2008

17th May 2011, 12:46

I noted the owner comment about the '89 Town Car rear doors not opening from the outside.

I just bought a '89 Town Car and my rear doors also won't open from the outside.

What was your fix on that problem?