29th May 2009, 00:07

Yes, the "grommet" you are describing is replaced with a re-engineered part. It is made out of some type of metal to my understanding.

31st May 2009, 18:05

My grandparents bought an '89 Signature Series in '93. I remember going to pick it up with them. It was a very pretty car, it was kind of a taupe/grey color with matching vinyl top and those classic turbine aluminum wheels. I remember riding on country roads in that car and it bounced around like a roller coaster (very fun for a kid). They traded it in 2000 for a '99. Personally I think the '89 was a much more classy car.

14th Jun 2009, 10:16

OK thanks guys, I really appreciate the help. Could you tell me where this grommet is located?

31st Aug 2009, 00:19

My friend... look at the 5.0 tech section of grandmarq.net.

Then click on TV cable adjustment. That site is awesome. Good luck!

9th Nov 2009, 14:25

I was wondering if anybody could tell me why people who have Crown Victorias/Grand Marquis of the same year or close to the same year don't have these problems with the transmission?

I also have a 1988 Ford F150 and I haven't had any problems at all with the transmission.

-author of review.

10th Nov 2009, 02:51

Even if you have to get a rebuilt transmission and a new grommet, it's only going to be under a thousand dollars. Well worth it to keep a gem like this on the road. They're not making any more good cars folks. Maintenance is more important than ever.

31st Oct 2012, 20:25

1970s Lincoln > 1980s Lincoln.

29th Apr 2013, 09:50

I agree. 1980s Town Cars were great, but I liked the Cadillac Broughams better because they looked mightier on their wheelbases and weren't oddly proportioned. The 1970s Lincolns looked correctly designed, but the 1980s models looked lopsided in comparison; too short on the trunk and a tad too tall.

30th Apr 2013, 17:35

My grandparents had an '89 that they bought in '93. They took me to go pick it up. It was such an attractive car with the turbine rims, and SO comfortable. Both the 80s Town Cars and Broughams had tons more comfort and class than anything you can buy today, except for maybe a Rolls. I will always prefer the 70s land yachts though, they were just over the top opulence without any apologies or compromises.