1979 Lincoln Versailles 5.0


Luxury and style at its best!!


Nothing has really gone wrong with this Lincoln. Ford did a great job. Only thing is the A/C had to be converted as it started leaking.

General Comments:

I bought this car from the original owner last February. He babied it and garaged it all its life. The only flaw when I bought her was the A/C leaked, and I had to get fixed and retro-ed to the R134; other than that, the car is flawless.

I have only owned it for 11 months, and drove her last summer on a road trip, did 3000 flawless miles. Very comfortable. Everywhere I took her, everyone was asking about it, it was fun.

The mileage was good, performance perfect, comfort great, and reliability was perfect.

I had a Cadillac Seville before, and I think it's a great car too, but the reliability is much much better with the Lincoln. I think Ford puts a vehicle together much better than GM.

People have thrown this Glorified Granada under the bus for years. But I think it's a great car, and I would rather drive a Granada than half of the crap out there today!!

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Review Date: 13th November, 2010

14th Nov 2010, 15:42

This Versailles is a very rare car! Hang onto it, there are very few of these left around!

14th Feb 2013, 12:16

The equivalent of a Cadillac Cimarron (Cavalier). Dressed up junk. Hang onto it for a hundred years if you want. It will never go up in value or be considered collectable.

15th Feb 2013, 16:39

At least the reviewer is honest about what it was: a "Glorified Granada". They were not that popular when new, and the passage of time does not seem to have changed that.

17th Feb 2013, 00:32

I prefer the Mark VI and Town Car.

17th Feb 2013, 20:55

The Mark VI was just a cheap economy version of the Mark V. The early-1980s Lincoln coupes were the epitome of bad looks in my opinion. It was like a little kid trying on its parent's clothes.

The Town Car was a much better car thankfully. While it may have been a ripoff of the late-1970s models, it was a great one. I wish they installed fuel injection and kept the 351 CID Windsor as an option however. Still, I think the Town Car could have used a little more length, especially on the wheelbase and trunk area. GM's full sized cars of the same time period looked proportioned correctly, whereas the early Panther platform vehicles regrettably did not.

Good cars, just not as good as the 1970s cars and what GM was offering to the same market before 1985.