15th Feb 2013, 16:39

At least the reviewer is honest about what it was: a "Glorified Granada". They were not that popular when new, and the passage of time does not seem to have changed that.

15th Nov 2017, 22:02

You could not be more wrong about the Versailles; it's built a lot better than today's tin cans, plus the 302 V8 and C4 are both proven, and what can you say about the indestructible Ford 9 inch rear end; another awesome part of the Versailles. I own one; I should know. Awesome great little car. Thanks, and good luck ever finding one; they're also very rare.

It's easy to get more power out of a Ford 302; try that with a new car costing so much more money.

As I said, it's a great fun car, and everyone is entitled to their likes and dislikes, but I personally love my Versailles.