1984 Mercedes-Benz W107 280 sl 2.8 liter fuel injection


A true work of art with a beautiful, timeless look and a knack for comfort and reliability


Antenna won't go up or down - is stuck half way.

Noisy with hardtop ; drafty with soft-top.

Horn is weaker than when car was bought - placement of sounder is not logical.

Clock has stopped working and cluster light is gloomy.

General Comments:

Superior shape or car.

Paint is still perfect, after 22 years.

VERY comfortable.

VERY reliable - my old Geo metro when out at 40,000...i kno this one will be able to go past 300,000 without a major work up.

Logical placement of window buttons and dash buttons.

Anything else? eh I don't think so! this car is awsome in many, many ways!

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Review Date: 25th November, 2006

1979 Mercedes-Benz W107 450 4.5 liter V8




I am looking for a vacuum diagram for my Mercedes Benz 450SLC. model year 1979 engine M114 chassis 024. Power steering central locking, Auto climate control. Does anyone know where I can get such a diagram?

General Comments:

The 1979 450SLC is perhaps one of the one enjoyable cars I have ever owned. In some ways I enjoy driving it more the my 99 C280. For just this reason. You have to drive the 450, the C280 is very comfortable, quick and solid and reliable. But it is a modern car with all the air bags, traction and stability controls, drive by wire this and that. you point and go with the C280.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2006

1978 Mercedes-Benz W107 450slc 4.5 petrol


A classic and affordable timepiece of a great era in automotive innovation and history


Alternator shortly after purchasing the vehicle.

MB Tex upholstery showing usual signs of wear.

General Comments:

I have owned a handful of Mercedes and used to work at a dealership in the United States. In my opinion there is not a better built automobile in the world than Mercedes-Benz. The level of craftsmanship and reliability, combined with the superior power and luxury, set Mercedes apart from the rest.

I own several Mercedes including a 1987 560SEC, a 2003 C240, a 1996 E320, and a 1995 C220. While each of these vehicles adds a different element to driving; the 450 SLC is timeless. The perfect combination of style and comfort grace all the W107 cars, but I believe the extra length and chrome accents on the SLC raise the car up a notch above the rest.

I have had little trouble with the vehicle, and it continues to start on the first crank, even after sitting for months. Each time I sit in the SLC I am taken back to a time when automobiles were built with the driver in mind.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2004

16th Jan 2007, 02:43

Just found your site, have owned a nice '74 silver 450slc for, ah, 2 months now. Don't know why I took so long, will never drive anything other than Benz. Other car is an '88 300sel, but got tired of sharing with wife. Sculpture on wheels.

10th May 2009, 02:13

The Mercedes 450 SLC is also celebrated as a great rally car.

Does anyone know of 450 SLCs as rally contenders?

21st Mar 2010, 19:45

I have a 1980 450 SLC and love it. Purchased it for 5600.00 and it has 90,000 on it, was this a good deal? Body and motor are in excellent condition. Have tuned it up,oil change, new belts and hoses. Runs well and cranks first time every time. Good to find your site, Thanks.

17th Aug 2010, 15:48

Great summary. I've only had my SLC for 6 months, but I think the extra length makes the car appear a lot more elegant than the convertible, which has always struck me as a little stunted in its appearance.

The car still feels so solid and modern. Friends of mine are stunned when they see how well it handles motorways.

I like the fact that the SLC is so rare now compared to the SL. The reaction from other road users is great; they always let you out from side roads and junctions. The SLC is one of the best kept classic car secrets.

27th Jan 2016, 14:36

I went to see a 500SEL, but the conversation turned to a 450SLC the vendor had once owned. He informed me he'd "made out" in the rear seats of the latter vehicle with a woman who was his current wife. She had answered the door to me earlier. I didn't buy the 500.