W123 240D

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W123 240D 4 cylinder diesel

A simple, amazingly engineered car with lots of character

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W123 300TD Wagon 3.0L turbo diesel

Diesel durable -- I will keep it and drive forever

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W123 240D 2.4 diesel

You don't get a nicer ride, but watch for heavy oil consumption

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W123 240D 2.4 diesel

Yes I'd buy another lower mileage one

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W123 300D 3.0L I-5 diesel

Solid, stately, and smooth - truly engineered for the long-haul and unfailingly reliable

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W123 230CE V4

Nice car

46 words

W123 240D 2.4 diesel

A cheap, reliable, fuel sipping luxury car, that is appreciated during times of high gas prices

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W123 D 300 turbo diesel

Reliable, cheap, and fun to drive

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W123 240D 2.4L 4 cylinder diesel

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W123 300D 3.0L non-turbo diesel

Comfortable reliable tank

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W123 280CE 2.8

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