19th Mar 2009, 09:29

I am looking at a 81 model 300D

Diesel 4 cylinder and a manual 4spd the car has 213K miles on it. Intermittent wipers, cruise, radio and antenna doesn't work.

But it rides and drives like a dream, what do you think?

9th Oct 2009, 23:33

Surely too late to help, but if it's a 300D, it'll have five cylinders.

19th May 2011, 03:53

Check the Banjo fitting in the back of the intake manifold (turbo only). If this or the line going to it are clogged, you are bypassing the turbo. When you clean it and replace the lines, your tranny should flatten out. Will run like a rocket...

2nd Mar 2016, 15:28

I couldn't agree any more strongly.

My 1980 300D is as solid and utilitarian as a stone.

I purchased her in 2001 from the original owner who had driven her long before sending his 3 sons to the University of Texas, one after the other. She had 109,905 miles on her when I brought her home, and currently stands at 273,640 with only regular maintenance thus far.

Yes, indeed the rubber grommets in the front end did need replacing around 210,000, but having done the work myself the cost was minimal. I truly understand the 70mph commute however, I've taken her a good deal faster than that. At 85mph all the little rattles became harmonic music, and at 115mph even the road noise from her Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 tires seems to disappear.

I was fortunate enough to have only paid $2,000.00 USD for her and I would do it again anytime. Definitely the best value in automobiles I've ever known.

Still one of the most comfortable riding cars I've been in, and she never fails to get honks and thumbs up from my road partners in traffic. For fear of uninsured motorist she's no longer my daily driver, and the only car I could find near her quality and ride was the Lincoln MKZ Sedan I purchased in October, 2015.

Thank you Mercedes Benz, I would truly appreciate you going back to engineer and build today's offerings as well as my gal was done, then I could have faithfully purchased another instead.

May God bless Mercedes Benz and the autobahn for which they were designed.


...~Benny. 3 March 2016

25th Apr 2016, 21:54

Have had my 1981 since new. Rarely winter driven. Just a little over 100,000 miles. The car has been a rock. Normal maintenance items of course, but otherwise a pleasure. This past year it got a couple of minor rust spots... paint starting to dull. Wonder how long it will keep going... parts down the road I'm sure will become scarce. Have to replace the dash lighting control. It just failed. All in all, a great deal from the time of purchase; paid a little over 19k.

13th May 2016, 04:45

I have five 1983 300 SD and they are the best cars I've ever owned.