1991 Mercedes-Benz W124 300CE Coupe 24-valve straight six


Timeless Classic - A Teutonic Masterpiece


The original catalytic converter is breaking apart inside, the antenna mast goes up only 1/2 way (but radio reception seems to be unaffected).

Bear in mind, though - this is a 21-year old car.

General Comments:

Sit behind the wheel, go for a drive... and you are truly "transported". I don't just mean that you get from "point A" to "point B"... this car makes you feel like you're much wealthier, much more important and much more influential and intelligent than you really are. :-)

The engine and running gear are buttery-smooth, quiet and powerful, the interior swaddles you in leather, wood and the highest quality materials available, and the ride makes you feel like you are being pampered at a spa. When you park it, you look back at it admiringly while walking away and think, "Why yes, that's my car... isn't it faaabulous"?

The car feels like it was hand-built, hand-carved and custom-tailored by old, white-bearded, bespectacled German artisans.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2012

10th Nov 2012, 06:05

I agree with the above. I have the E320 Coupe. Just to see it reflected in shop windows whilst slowly moving along makes you realise how beautiful these cars are.

27th Jun 2017, 07:29

Hello and congratulations for owning a W124. It's a joy only W124 enthusiasts can experience. As many would agree, this car is a true beauty indeed. My heart beat changes whenever I look at it in love. However I beg to differ about the sound of car. Mine is a 1996 W124 250D and the engine sounds like a truck/tractor. But the sound reduces as soon as I roll the windows up. Nevertheless I cherish the joy of owning and driving my W124. Though I have owned 3 different cars before, but with my W124 I feel I have an emotional attachment. I hope and pray that it stays with me all my life. Till death do us apart.

27th Jun 2017, 21:16

Regular maintenance does a lot more than hoping and praying.

26th Mar 2018, 00:18

Unfortunately, die Uber mensch did not design the wiring harness for the car.

26th Mar 2018, 07:32

What about the wiring harness? Unless it's a Singaporean market model.

1991 Mercedes-Benz W124 SEL 4.2 litre


This is a supremely splendid automobile


The sunroof recently began to stick. After I had the refrigerant converted to freon, there is now an annoying squeak behind the dashboard that nobody is able to fix. These two relatively small matters affect my enjoyment of an otherwise magnificent automobile.

General Comments:

Even thought this vehicle is now 16 years old, it is still a princely ride. It is vault-like in overall quietness and integrity. The interior is spacious and comfortable. The book value is really very low compared to it's real value. The '91 420 SEL rides smoother than the '97 Cadillac DTS that I recently rented while on travel. There is ample torque to accelerate quickly when necessary. Even thought the car is now 16 years old it still is admired by onlookers.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2007

1991 Mercedes-Benz W124 300D 2.5 Turbo 2.5 turbo


4 wheeled Perfection


The car only had 99000 miles on it when I bought it so that averages to only 6500 miles per year. Sometimes low miles is good, but when the miles are too low it might mean the car is not being exercized enough to keep all the seals, rubber parts, etc operating properly. This car has had some minor engine problems caused by the low miles. Since it was driven only a few miles each day creating a carbon build-up in the cylinder head & pre-combustion chamber around the glow plugs. It is gradually cleaning itself out now that it is being driven enough highway miles to properly warm the oil, coolant and engine to make it run at its most efficient. The Previous owner only drove 5 or 6 miles per day which was not enough to warm the coolant, oil, etc. My wife drives this car 100 miles per day to work - so it's getting a good workout now.

I replaced the following:


Fan shroud

Auto Trans Fluid was replaced with Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF and the filter was replaced.

Engine Oil was changed to Mobil 1 synthetic oil.

Coolant was flushed and replaced with Mercedes Coolant.

All fuses were changed.

The alloy wheels are going to be hard to keep clean.

General Comments:

This car starts instantly in all kinds of weather.

When the turbo is spun up it really makes this car take off! I cannot imagine a nicer car.

The seats are comfortable - especially for long trips, the AC cold and all equipment works.

With a diesel powered car I am able to troubleshoot it and perform any work needed.

I sold a perfect Toyota Camry that I feared would become expensive to repair. I had been looking for a nice W124 like this for a long time. I suspect we will keep this great little car forever.

I just wish my wife didn't enjoy driving it so much - I'd love it if she would let me drive it once in a while!

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Review Date: 24th May, 2006