Milan Premier 3.0 V6

A classy, refined ride, with some get up and go

182 words


Milan Premier 2.3

Excellent FWD car

285 words


Milan Base V6

A few little quirks; not bad all things considered

1270 words, 10 comments

Milan Premier 3.0 V6 gasoline

Handsome sedan that does a lot of things well, including its price!

411 words

Milan Base 2.3

Nice car except for the weak motor

192 words, 2 comments

Milan Premier 3.0 6 cylinder

This is the best car that I have owned in 34 years of driving

293 words

Milan Premier AWD 3.0L V6

A classy, refined vehicle with some pep, not going to challenge the Prius in MPG though

732 words, 20 comments


Milan Premier V6

This car is very competitive in price and features against all other vehicles

214 words

Milan Premier 2.3

Mercury Milan; a quality sedan for those on a budget!

1245 words, 14 comments

Milan Premier 4 Cylinder

Beautiful car with some flaws

186 words

Milan I-4 Premier 2.3

Super Bargain and drives/looks great

846 words, 5 comments