Sable GS 3.0L

Outstanding automobile

91 words, 4 comments

Sable 3.0 V6

Full tune ups every year pay off for this car

184 words, 1 comment

Sable 4DR Wagon 3.0 SOHC

Low Care Costs, Reliable and HUGE!

116 words

Sable 3.8L V6

Very reliable basic transportation

121 words

Sable GS 3.0L V6

Ford's Punishment to Humankind

316 words, 8 comments

Sable GL 3.0

Cheap Reliable Transportation in a comfortable car

126 words

Sable 3.0 liter

A great quality car

105 words

Sable GS 3.0

A mechanics means in which to achieve riches beyond his wildest dreams

193 words


Great Work/School bucket

91 words

Sable GS 3.8 liter V6

A great all around comfort and performance car

197 words, 2 comments

Sable GS 3.0

A cheap good transporter

30 words

Sable LS 3.0L V6

Make Sure You Know What Your Doing

88 words

Sable 3.8

Piece of junk

95 words, 1 comment

Sable SEDAN Fuel Injected 3.8

After owning several vehicles, the Mercury Sable 3.8 is the best

36 words

Sable GS 3.0L

Highly recomended family car

123 words

Sable LS 3.8L

I have bought another one

122 words, 1 comment

Sable LS

Money pit!!! Beware - not a good buy.

103 words, 1 comment

Sable LS 3.0 Liter

A definite winner in a demolition derby

55 words

Sable LS 3.0

My Jamie is one of a kind

51 words

Sable 1.8

Never again

30 words

Sable 3.8

33 words, 2 comments

Sable V6

36 words