Sable GS 3.0 Liter V6

Bullet proof 3.0 litre motor, fairly good repair costs

578 words, 6 comments

Sable LS

Mercury built one tough car; I'm thrilled with how long it has lasted

347 words

Sable 3.0 V6

36 words

Sable GS 3.1

It's been a solid car

352 words, 2 comments

Sable gs wagon 3.8

I think this car is quite reliable

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Sable GS 3.8 Liter V6

Worst car I've ever owned

207 words, 1 comment

Sable GS 3.0L

Cannot consider these cars!

106 words, 1 comment

Sable 3.0L V6

Good over all first timer car

29 words

Sable LX 3.8L

Not Great

70 words, 1 comment

Sable GS 3.0

Great touring / family car - all comfort and reliability.

256 words, 4 comments

Sable 3.0L

Great cruising/family car

194 words

Sable GS 3.0 V6

I love this car, even with all its problems

332 words, 1 comment

Sable s/w gs 3.8

OK, just had to get bugs out!

82 words


Pretty good and satisfied with performance

86 words

Sable GS 3.0

Reliable el cheepo transportation

256 words

Sable SE 3.0

Very good, reliable family car

190 words, 2 comments

Sable 3.8

83 words, 2 comments

Sable GS 3.0

I'm keeping this car forever

99 words, 1 comment

Sable GS 3.0 V6

A nice car for newlyweds

84 words, 1 comment

Sable GS 3.8L EFI

Great car for the average person

134 words, 1 comment

Sable GS 3.0 V6

A great economical car

50 words

Sable GS 3.0 Liter V6

The car is alright, but the quality could be better

269 words, 1 comment

Sable GS 3.0 V6

An overall great car

95 words

Sable LX 3.3

Nice ride when it doesn't overheat and you don't have lots of speed traps

183 words, 4 comments

Sable GS V-6

Sleek but not so quick

167 words

Sable GS Wagon 3.0L V6

95 words