Sable 3.0


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Nice quiet stable ride. Good for trips

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Great when running

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Sable Sedan LS 3.?

Very dependable and comfy

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Sable LS 2.3L

Good car

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Sable GS 3.0L V6

So far it is decent

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Sable GS

I love this car

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Sable 3.0 V6

Transmissions are bad, but a great car otherwise

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Sable 3.0L V6

Excellent car

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Sable 3.0

Reliability beats out excitement

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Sable GS

Good buy

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Sable V6

200 words

Sable LX Wagon V6

Great Car, Lots of power, great ride

174 words


I'm really disappointed with this car!

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Sable GS 3.0

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Sable LS Premier Edition

A best buy!

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Sable GS 3.0 Liter V6

The Mercury Sable is a MONEY PIT, buy a Toyota or Honda to get reliability

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Sable LS V6 DOHC

Ford/Mercury's are built to last

116 words

Sable GS

I will never buy a Ford product again

206 words, 22 comments

Sable LS Wagon 3.0 Base

I plan to buy a fourth when this one dies

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Sable GS 3.0 Gas

Comfortable cruiser for long drives

179 words, 6 comments

Sable GS 6 cylinder 3.0

Decent car for the money

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Sable LS 3.0L 24 valve V6

Outstanding, affordable car

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Sable GS 3.0L vulcan V6

So good it's name is Cyrus!

60 words

Sable 3.8

I liked the car, but for the overheating problem

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Sable LS 3.0 liter V6 24 V DOHC

I love this car!!!

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Sable GS Wagon 3.0

Too expensive for low quality

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