11th Feb 2007, 16:32

WOW! he bought a car that could not be test driven because it had a bad steering pump. Then the (obviously) mechanically disinclined dip had to replace the pump twice. Gee why couldn't he get it right the first time? Then was angry when the transmission didn't work right? Welcome to the school of hard knocks lad. Next time take an adult with you when you shop.

9th Apr 2007, 08:11

I just bought a 1999 Mercury Sable LS with 57k miles on it... The windshield wipers come on by themselves. Does anyone know why???

3rd Jun 2007, 23:56

I have a 1998 Mercury Sable GS with the twin cam v6 and 259,000 kms. I have had no problems in the time I have owned it and have neglected oil changes quite often. I really like the car and am glad I bought it.

5th Jun 2007, 20:43

I have a 97 sable it has 233k miles for the past 30k miles when it gets hot outside it will drive for anywhere from 10 miles to 100 miles, but then it will stop and acts like it is not getting gas. Then I turn the key off and let it set for30 seconds and then restart it. Then it may go 1 mile to 100 and do it again. I have taken it to 3 shops and they cannot find out what is wrong. Any ideas John.


7th Aug 2007, 20:14

Design flaw, 1999 Mercury Sable 3.0L 24 valve. I had overheating problems, replaced water pump, thermostat. Still overheated in summer, ~90 degrees outside and running AC. Turns out, the AC condenser which is in front of the radiator has a coarser fin than the radiator. So, debris that passes through the condenser does not pass through the radiator, which eventually plugged the radiator. This was not visible from looking at the front, since it is hidden by the condenser. It was only visible when removing the radiator, which I replaced with a new one of coarser fin structure than the original. The radiator was NOT plugged internally.

29th Aug 2007, 17:31

I have a 97 sable LS wagon, 220k kms. Its been great for the 50k kms I've put on it, unfortunately I'm trying to sell it and the horn and interior fan stopped working. I checked fuses and replaced the blower relay, but no luck. Just wondering if anyone else may have had a similar problem and may know what to do. Any ideas would be much appreciated. ajmacdonald715@hotmail.com.

13th Sep 2007, 20:22

I have a '97 Mercury Sable wagon with over 180000 miles on it. The only thing we've had to replace on it was the air compressor and the starter motor. Other than that, it's a great car. I've run it pretty hard too, (being 17) and I've never had any problems. Only problem I can think of, is that the transmission doesn't want to shift unless the car is warmed up... annoying, but not majorly so. Oh, and the driver side power window only works sometimes.

26th Dec 2007, 08:18

I bought a 99 Sable with 80k miles. It has been a great car, no problems.

23rd Jun 2008, 22:23

I am getting a 1997 sable this Tuesday. It has 124000 miles and looks and runs great. I will let you know how it goes.

20th Oct 2008, 16:26

About the windshield wipers coming on by themselves. There is a biometric sensor in the drivers seat. If it senses you are getting too comfortable and may fall asleep it uses the windshield wipers to wake you up! This is a safety feature and will be available for an extra charge in the 2010 Sable.

18th Aug 2009, 17:58

I own a 1997 Mercury Sable the car has 271,000 miles on it and it runs great. To keep the vehicle in service that long I have had to do some repairs. I had to replace a hose, and the starter, that's it. What can I say the car is a fantastic car. If you buy a car with 150,000 mile on it and it has not been taken care of then the brand doesn't matter. Machines are machines and they wear out.

28th Aug 2014, 02:46

I have a 2001 Mercury Sable LS, and the heater as well is very weak. Plus it has a problem losing power as if starved for fuel, regardless of the amount of fuel in the tank. The code reader read P1131 HO2S 11 switch sensor indicates lean. Anybody know what the problem is?

The fuel pump went out, so I bought another car LOL. A 99 Mercury Sable GS, and it has the same problem and the same code. No clue what the problem is. I hooked up a fuel pressure gauge and it read 30 PSI until I drove and hit the gas; it drops to 5 PSI, then eventually 0 and stalls out the engine... Anybody have any ideas? My gut tells me it's the fuel pump, but the 2001 Sable ran like that for 2 years before the pump went out...