3rd Oct 2005, 22:11

I have owned a 97 Sable GS since 1999 and I have had no problems at all with it, I now have 150,000 miles on it and have maintained it religiously. If you treat your car right it will treat you right. You are really taking a big chance buying a car with 150K on it unless you can see the maintenance records. (I have all mine) I am not about to get rid of my Sable for a long time, it's running great.

Better luck next time fella!

11th Oct 2005, 18:08

Hey Mr. 97 Sable GS.

I bought a used one six months ago, with 49,000km (granny car) well maintained (I have all the records), and have the same problem as you. My coolant reservoir was cracked! Now that it's fixed, I have no heat. I've checked everything, heater core, temperature switch, flushed the lines, but nothing. Anyone have any ideas?

And buying a new car is not a good one, so save it!

27th Oct 2005, 21:00

Regarding mysterious loss of heat: Could be the Water Pump. My 1999 Sable has 150,000 miles on it. We began experiencing low heat output two or three years ago, under 100,000 miles. The first time I back-flushed the heater core it was definitely stopped up--gobs of rusty gunk came out. Heater performance improved significantly, but not for very long. Subsequent flushings helped less and less. We had the same problem with a cracked reservoir year before last, but didn't notice any direct connection to the heater problem. We did get the car pretty hot on an interstate trip, but did no permanent damage. The heat quit completely late last winter. I forgot about it over the summer (bought a new car in February) Early this fall I checked all the standard stuff--temperature control, vacuum doors, thermostat, coolant level. The heater hose eventually got hot on both sides--inlet and outlet, but only minimal heat came out of the blower. Finally, I pulled the heater return hose off at the water pump and put the loose end in a plastic bottle, unplugged lead from coil pack (so engine wouldn't fire when cranked) and had someone else turn it over for several seconds. Nothing came out, though the system was filled with fresh coolant. Reconnected lead to coils and started engine. Still no flow.

The water pump showed no leak or loose bearings, but I removed it anyway, having had this happen once with a Ford Fiesta years ago. The aluminum case and the shaft (steel?) of the pump are like new, but the steel impeller was corroded so badly that it looks like a saw blade. The flat surfaces parallel to the pump shaft are completely gone, hence no pumping at all. The car doesn't overheat, but the coolant fans (2) had been running almost constantly. Evidently the low mounting point of the radiator relative to the engine allows enough coolant to circulate without the pump, plus the radiator was replaced after a collision in 2002, so is in good shape. Maybe the frequently running fans and the very rusty original coolant should have told me something sooner. Also, heat seemed to work a little better when parked nose uphill on a steep incline.

I haven't put the new pump on yet, but am positive that this is the problem, since there's no way the old one could force coolant through the system. The heater hoses did eventually get hot on both sides of the core--coolant just wasn't moving through them at all. The heat from the engine was just being conducted through the stationary coolant.

20th Jan 2006, 16:17

I bought a '97 Sable GS in 2001, had 105000 miles on it. Still runs fine, but there's always been a problem with overheating when running the a/c in the summer (obviously don't need it in the winter so don't know if would overheat then). Also, it overheats if say, driving 75 on interstate highways, in warmer temperatures. Went down to Corpus Christi, TX this January, had problem with overheating in the warmer climate on the way down and back, but after getting into OK and KS didn't have overheat problems. I've heard of a design flaw with the coolant reservoir and replaced it awhile back, have replaced the thermostat, but the problem remains. I suppose it could be the fan, but I suspect that I now know why my dad always said he'd never buy a Ford. Guess I had to learn the hard way. Don't listen to those guys making the insulting comments, they obviously have low intelligence and are unable to communicate effectively. They have nferiority complexes so they have to massage their ego by downgrading others. What can one expect, they drive a Ford!

6th Sep 2006, 17:16

I'm looking at buying a '97 Mercury Sable with almost 200,000 miles on it. I think I'll skip it, though. I'm a Subaru driver. My '93 Subaru Legacy has 173,000 miles on it and I've never had any major problems whatsoever. We had a Subaru wagon Loyale before this- and same thing- high miles and nary a serious problem. Just basic wear and tear. (We had to part with our last car b/c of rust.) We beat the heck out of our cars, too - are always forgetting to get the oil changed on time - plus we're carpenters and load our cars right down with lumber. The one we're driving now has even been in an accident with a deer. I thought all cars were pretty much similar - but according to the replies to this report, I guess they're certainly not! I guess if you don't absolutely baby and pamper your Mercury you deserve to have it fall apart around your ears.! I'm sticking with Subaru!

17th Oct 2006, 07:06

I own a 1997 Sable LS. This car is, of course, superior to the GS for it comes with everything the line offered at the time. Great comfort always achieved inside my spacious, leather covered Sable. It has 197 000 and it is running fine. I have her maintained regularly. Oil changed every 10 000 miles. Check-ups once in a while as well. I don't necesarily drive her like an old man, I'm a 17 year old ;).

Which brings me to her 190 hp V6 engine. Aired out with 24 valves to increase performance and cost me more on gas :). Also, the dual exhaust system gives it a nice sound. Anyways, point is - you bought it at 150 000, expected perfection, and sounds like you didn't do anything until things went wrong. You went nearly 25 000 miles without doing anything.

9th Nov 2006, 21:18

I just picked up my 1999 mercury sable sedan-42,000 miles-i turned on the defrost and found only cool air, I don't know whats wrong-what am I to do?

29th Jan 2007, 14:17

OK so I have a 1999 Mercury Sable now has just over 100,00 miles on it and at first it was a great car then things started happening. First the coolant reservoir had a crack in it, we replaced it. Then heater stopped working. Checked everything. So we checked the water pump low and behold no fins left on the impeller. Rusted completely away. Changed the water pump, now the heater works somewhat. But the coolant keeps blowing out through the radiator cap and car runs rough at times. Sick of the car it is going to be a lawn ornament soon. Those are not the only problems windshield wipers come on by themselves, passenger seat belt won't retract, front end keeps having to be aligned wears tires real fast because won't stay in alignment. There are other things like handling issues just too much to list. So Toyota here I come never again will I buy a Ford.