1976 MG B 1.8 B series


Great fun, You'll have a smile on your face even during the morning commute


Heater, Fuel pump, Electrical connections, leaky windshield. Head gasket, heater valve.

General Comments:

Right. So people seem to be complaining about the reliability of the B. They really shouldn't. The newest B is 24 years old. You expect some problems with a 24 year old car.

Mine started out with some problems, but once I dealt with them they've settled down. Do regular maintenance on the car and it'll be very reliable.

Every time I pull into a gas station I get remarks about my car. "I used to have one", or a friend used to have one, or a pretty girl wants to go for a ride.

The B just oozes a certain style that no other car has managed to in the last 40 years.

So about my car. It's a little different from your stock B. The previous owner did extensive modifications to it. Bored out the motor to 2litres, ripped off all the emissions crap and put back the dual hs4 carberateurs. performance cam, Tube shocks all around. sway bar. Custom exhaust header and exhaust. etc, etc.

This all makes for a little more exotic B. A stock b is supposed to manage 105mph, I've topped mine out at 136mph.

So for all those who bought a B and expected it to be as reliable as a 4 year old Honda accord right off the bat, I'd say sell the B. It's not what you expect. You do have to maintain it. But it's hardly a problem. Follow the Bentley manual and change fluids, etc every 3K miles and you'll be laughing.

I love my B, and I expect, 20 years from now my children will love theirs too.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2004

28th Oct 2004, 09:28

Agreed, that it is hardly fair to compare a 24 year old car to a current model in terms of reliability and comfort, especially when the older car had technology that was considered stone age even back when it was still being built.

However, you would really have to LOVE the MG to put up will all the maintenance required to be able to have it as a relatively reliable daily commuter. Anybody who wanted an open, sporty car would be better off with a late model Miata or MR-2 Spyder. Yeah, you're not likely to get noticed at gas stations, but you also won't be spending every other weekend fixing things or making sure things don't break.

The MGB may ooze style, but it needs a fair amount of attention to keep it from oozing everything else!

1971 MG B 1.8


A practical classic


The car immediately needed a master cylinder. I refurbised the interior, which was very easy work. The rust places to be aware of are the inner rocker panels, floorboards, and the area underneath the front fenders. However, it is easy to get replacement parts, and I had a body shop replace these and repaint the car.

General Comments:

I have wanted to own one of these cars since I was a kid, and one day I just got one. They are not expensive cars to buy.

Despite their reputation, this car did not have electrical problems, and it has been relatively simple and easy to work on.

It is very easy to get parts, even body parts, for these cars.

A fun summer car, but not smooth and quiet as a modern car.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2002

1965 MG B 1.8


Hands down, the most interesting car I have ever owned


Transmission gave up the ghost in 1989, due to the fragile synchro gears and the wrong gear lube. Always use straight 30w non detergent oil in the crash-box and not the 80w90 you see in your local parts stores.

Wire wheel hubs gave up sometime in the early 90's. I guess all the wear on the wire wheels just wore them out. Note, put a bead of silicone on the inside of the wheel, covering the spoke heads, and grease the hubs every three months.

Replaced engine a year ago, the old mill was getting tired, but it now waits for the replacement to die off. I imagine that will be in around 2025 or so. Old engine bored, balanced, ported and polished, and ready to go.

I special ordered a Mallory Unilite distributor, and that has made all the typical British ignition problems disappear. (I keep the old dist in the boot just in case of failure)

General Comments:

I cannot imagine what life would be like without my MGB. The car has been through lots, taken me from coast to coast without any major problems. Driving across the desert was interesting... faster I went, the higher the temp gauge went. Anyway, travel at night, and all was well.

What I like most about this car is that it has developed a personality unlike my 94 Cougar. I know when the MG wants attention, needs oil (always) or just wants to stop and rest a while. The newer cars, while more comfortable, reliable and efficient lack the connection with their drivers. One final note, when driving with the top down on a cool evening it reminds me of doing some low level flying... Semper Fi.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2002

20th Oct 2006, 20:18

I have had my 65 MGB since 1986, put over 100k on the clock. Gone through two engines and a transmission. The car now sits in my garage waiting for me to start putting on the myriad of parts I have collected over the years. So far I have lowered the car 2", header, unilite, bored, balanced, lightweight flywheel. I have also replaced all the bushings with prothane units. The car is part of the family, and I just can't imagine not seeing her every day. I remember my ex wife commenting that I should sell the car, and keep her. Needless to say, I am now divorced, but still have the B. I think it was a good compromise.