1976 MG B 1.8 B series from North America


Great fun, You'll have a smile on your face even during the morning commute


Heater, Fuel pump, Electrical connections, leaky windshield. Head gasket, heater valve.

General Comments:

Right. So people seem to be complaining about the reliability of the B. They really shouldn't. The newest B is 24 years old. You expect some problems with a 24 year old car.

Mine started out with some problems, but once I dealt with them they've settled down. Do regular maintenance on the car and it'll be very reliable.

Every time I pull into a gas station I get remarks about my car. "I used to have one", or a friend used to have one, or a pretty girl wants to go for a ride.

The B just oozes a certain style that no other car has managed to in the last 40 years.

So about my car. It's a little different from your stock B. The previous owner did extensive modifications to it. Bored out the motor to 2litres, ripped off all the emissions crap and put back the dual hs4 carberateurs. performance cam, Tube shocks all around. sway bar. Custom exhaust header and exhaust. etc, etc.

This all makes for a little more exotic B. A stock b is supposed to manage 105mph, I've topped mine out at 136mph.

So for all those who bought a B and expected it to be as reliable as a 4 year old Honda accord right off the bat, I'd say sell the B. It's not what you expect. You do have to maintain it. But it's hardly a problem. Follow the Bentley manual and change fluids, etc every 3K miles and you'll be laughing.

I love my B, and I expect, 20 years from now my children will love theirs too.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2004

28th Oct 2004, 09:28

Agreed, that it is hardly fair to compare a 24 year old car to a current model in terms of reliability and comfort, especially when the older car had technology that was considered stone age even back when it was still being built.

However, you would really have to LOVE the MG to put up will all the maintenance required to be able to have it as a relatively reliable daily commuter. Anybody who wanted an open, sporty car would be better off with a late model Miata or MR-2 Spyder. Yeah, you're not likely to get noticed at gas stations, but you also won't be spending every other weekend fixing things or making sure things don't break.

The MGB may ooze style, but it needs a fair amount of attention to keep it from oozing everything else!

22nd Nov 2017, 19:07

My brother owned an MG and spent every weekend working on it. Almost bought an MGB yesterday -- one owner, garaged, all receipts -- but really, at my age (63) I don't really feel like climbing under a car all the time. The best solution: convert your MGB to Miata motor and transmission (very popular conversion in North America). But as the previous commentator stated, it's much easier just to buy a Miata or a used MR2! Also, the black rubber bumper used in later cars in rather unattractive, though you can convert to the original, chrome bumper for $1,500 in parts from Moss Motors.