Galant ES 3.0 V6

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Galant ES 3.0L V6


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Galant ES V6 3.0

A classy sedan from Mitsubishi that doesn't get the respect it deserves

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Galant DE 2.4L 4 cylincer

Good used deal, just check the brakes

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Galant ES 4 Cylinder

I love my Mitsubishi more than any other vehicle that I have had

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Galant GTZ 3.0 SOHC

The reliability of the car is not so great

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Galant ES 3.0 V6

Bad brakes, but a decent deal for the money

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Galant ES V6

Bad Brakes Bug this Buyer

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Galant ES

Sometimes you get lucky!!

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Galant EX 4 cylinder

Buy something else. Mitsubishi service stinks

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Galant ES 4 cylinder

Japanese reliability in an aggressively designed package

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Galant ES V6

A dangerous ball of fire

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