11th Jan 2010, 20:03

I purchased my Galant a year ago, and it is a car that does have his flaws. On two occasions my back wheel fell off because of a weak bearing. These problems cause life threatening type situations. I have one more semester of school, and hopefully my car will make it that far, but judging by the experience, I will be in the shop in the next several months for the same wheel.

13th Jan 2010, 18:25

I currently drive a 1999 Mitsubishi Galant that I purchased about 7 years ago with 23 thousand miles on it from a dealer.

There were some issues in the beginning like the car not having pickup at around 75,000. I took it back to the dealer, and they said it was the catalytic converter. They fixed that, and I tried to drive it home, and turned around and brought it right back because the problem was still there.

They took my car apart, and I mean piece by piece, trying to find the problem. They said it was some kind of sensor supposedly broken in the camshaft, and it also had diesel fuel in it. Which I believe is bull because they did not know what was wrong with it. First of all, the only way diesel would have gotten in there is if someone would have put it there. I was mad and told them what I thought.

It took them two weeks to find the problem, and when they did, the car has been OK ever since.

I have had to replace the struts and the wheel bearings on the front once, but the brakes yearly.

Overall I have 182,000 on the car and it is still running although barely. I do love the car, and the only complaint I have really ever had was the brakes. It seems with those cars that is an issue. If the correct brakes are not used along with the new rotors when they are purchased, the car will shimmy. I found that replacing the brakes, calipers and rotors at once has corrected the problem for me greatly.

I would buy another car just like it in a minute. I will be hurt when that little car dies, because it has been pretty faithful. It is drastically going downhill now, but I will drive it until it does.

15th Jul 2010, 21:46

Mitsubishisucks.com says everything for me. Electronic problems, recalls, wheel bearing failures. And that's just to name a few problems with the 99 Galant ES. I currently have one that will not start. This is the second time in two months that I am experiencing this particular problem. I've replaced the battery and starter, and the alternator tests okay.

Avoid Mitsubishi at all costs. They really do not care about safety, and their support is God awful.