1999 Mitsubishi Galant Super Saloon 2.0 petrol from Philippines


Unforgettable, I'm glad to have had lots of memories with this car!


December 2003 - Before we went on a trip to La Union and Baguio for Christmas, the CD player of the stereo broke. Apparently, the CDs could not be read because a fuse went bust. The fuse was replaced by the dealer and the CD worked again.

August 2004 - The windshield washer stopped working.

July 2005 - Overheating problems. We had the radiator and the aircon compressor replaced. The engine mount also had to be replaced.

December 2006 - The antenna of the car was broken by allegedly 2 security guards in the parking lot of Glorietta 4 (a popular shopping mall in the commercial and financial area of Makati). From then on, we could only play FM because the AM band was not that clear.

Two days later, in the middle of Metro Manila’s heavy Christmas traffic, the car stalled because of the alternator; the car had to be towed to our trusted mechanic, but was fixed 2 days later. They only fixed and reconditioned the alternator.

June 2007 - The car had problems with its alignment. The car kept veering to the right. It wasn’t that serious though.

August 2007 - The left rear window stopped working

July 2008 - Electrical problems. When we came home from school, after shutting off the car, the lights did not go out. It was left to die and the car could not run anymore. Although we were able to fix it within a week.

January 2009 - The car experienced problems with the braking and power steering. We were forced to let it stay in the shop for 3 weeks.

February 2009 - The car was making a weird sound whenever it made a turn. We were able to rectify it within 2 days.

March 2009 - The right signal indicator went bust.

June 2009 - Factory wipers acted up. We had them replaced with Bosch wipers.

March 2010 - The original Clarion stereo broke down. We replaced it with an aftermarket Pioneer stereo four months later. In June of 2012, the Pioneer stereo was transferred to our 2004 Camry before this was disposed of.

Alternator problems again (2nd time), but we were able to fix it within 4 days.

October 2010 - Alternator problems again (3rd time) coupled with transmission problems. Fixed within 4 days.

September-October 2011 - Slipping transmission. We were forced to have car towed for the 3rd time. The car had to stay in the shop for a week.

November 2011 - Aircon started to breathe warm air only.

March 2012 - Rear right window did not work anymore.

April 2012 - After being parked in the garage for 3 weeks, the car made a very loud noise after a cold start. We had the belt replaced, although the car still made a squeaking noise after a cold start.

July 2012 - Power steering leak discovered. Abandoned in the garage for 4 months before we got rid of the car.

General Comments:

Despite the problems it faced over the years, the car served us very well for 13 years. It defined my days in Grade School, High School, 1st year college, and the first 4 weeks of 2nd year college life. In its twilight years, the car has seen limited use because of our newer cars like our 2004 model Toyota Camry.

Its 2.0 engine is just right for the car. This car is a very fast and efficient one. It had the ability to overtake other slowpokes, who drove much newer and flashier cars.

It also has wood-trim, which adds to the luxurious feel of the car, although the car came only with a cloth interior. This is our first car equipped with an automatic transmission.

The comfort of this car is so-so. The front part is fine, but the back does not have ample legroom considering that we are all tall in the family. Our Camrys now have much better comfort.

Well, this car had survived a few mild incidents of road rage. This car was never submerged in any flood, especially of Ondoy (well our other cars were never submerged too).

I'm happy to say that we had plenty of good memories with this car. This was my first personal car. Like I said earlier, this car defined my Grade School, High School, and 1st year college days. This was what I would usually drive from the time I got my first driver's license when I was in 3rd year HS in 2010, up to the first 4 weeks of my 2nd year college life in July of 2012. I used this car to pick up my date and bring her to our Prom in February of 2010 and to our Graduation Ball in April of 2011. I also used this car to go to debuts (18th birthdays for ladies is a big thing here in the Philippines) of several classmates, friends and cousins. I was able to bring this car to outings with friends, and I was able to ride with many of them in this car. This car has been to several weddings of family friends and relatives.

We finally got rid of this car in November of 2012. Replaced it with a brand new Toyota Camry a few months later.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2015

1999 Mitsubishi Galant ES 3.0 V6 from North America

General Comments:

I purchased a 99 Galant in 2000 with 16000 miles. I've got to say it's a great car.

The only problem is just the brakes. They warp under high speed braking.

However good leather and interior.

I will buy another Galant.

Hope you guys maintain a vehicle. I've got 314k on my car; same tranny and engine, 3.0 V6s still going strong.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2009