Galant ES 2.4L 4g64

A simple car from the modern era! Won't go wrong

434 words

Galant LS

Never have regretted buying this car, 5 years later

56 words

Galant ES

Great car with a horrible paint job

131 words, 1 comment

Galant ES 3.0 V6

A car that has been through a lot, and it's still running brand new

282 words

Galant ES 2.4L V6

You're a fool not to purchase a galant

192 words

Galant ES

I love it!

50 words

Galant ES

Great car!

196 words

Galant es 2.4 cylinder

A complete pleasure to own

142 words

Galant es 2.4 (16v)

If the car was alive, I'd kill it right now!!

199 words, 13 comments

Galant ES 2.4L 4 cylinder

Beats a ford

124 words

Galant ES

This is a fantastic car, I love everything about it

155 words, 1 comment

Galant ES 4

Worth the money

49 words

Galant ES 2.4

A very comfortable and reliable bargain

119 words

Galant ES

Great car for your money. (You won't need much.)

76 words

Galant ES 3.0 V6

Excellent styling, reliability and financing all in one place!

130 words

Galant LS 2.4

It is a luxury car for less money

196 words, 1 comment

Galant ES 2.4L

Excellent family sedan with plenty of power

77 words