21st Dec 2006, 23:08

Dude, you are full of crap.

I've had a salvaged Galant which I fixed up myself for over 2 years now, and I'm loving it. The handling is much better than on any American car. The engine, while not exactly powerful, but is adequate. I can always pass someone if I wanted to. The car is very smooth, especially around corners, very predictable. And that stuff you said about the transmission - you don't know what you are talking about at all, do you? The stereo is not a Bose, but it doesn't blow. Out of 10, I'd give it 7 or an 8. Wise up, man.

15th Feb 2007, 03:32

***From the person who originally wrote the review***

This would have been a nice car in the year 1990, but for a couple of thousand extra I would have been better of buying an Acura TSX.

P.S. I used to drive a 1992 3000GT (I wrote a review calling it the car of hopes and dreams), and eventually blew out the engine. There is no doubt that Mitsubishi makes sexy cars, the problem is that you always spend more time and $$$$ at the dealership than you do on the road. Thank You.

7th Nov 2007, 13:45

I bought a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant on August 31, 2007. Today is November 7, 2007. In a little over two months the car has left town for rotors - came back not fixed - called the service dept who said I needed new tires. Disagreed, called general manager who called service dept. Car went back out of town for new rotors - again. Was told the first set of rotors were warped. - Two weeks later - turned on heat - no heat. Called general manager who called service who took car out of town to repair thermostat. Car came back - no heat. Called general manager who called service dept who took car out of town to repair water pump. Car came back - no heat. Called general manager who called service who took car out of town to repair radiator. Finally - heat! While car was out of town I requested two keyless entry remotes be ordered. Car went back out of town to be programmed for remotes. Came back - only one remote worked. Turned car on to go home that night, the "service engine soon light" was on. NEVER AGAIN!

23rd Nov 2007, 10:17

Sounds like your problem is your service department. Ever think of taking it somewhere else? I would have by the time I got half way through your review.

I know 5 people who have this car and are very happy with it. As to the other negative review, sounds like you're the type that likes to tear up cars. You want a race car? Buy a race car.

This is a very reliable well built car for the money. I am buying one for my daughter in 2 days. A lot better than my Chrysler LHS; that was truly crap at 80,000 at twice the price.

Oh! I've been a mechanic for 40 years, thanks for playing.

23rd Jul 2008, 20:53

To the original reviewer. You bought the car with a little over 50 thousand miles on it. Have you ever considered the fact that maybe the previous owner didn't take care of the car?

As for the other reviewers commenting about American cars, I disagree with them also. I have owned Ford and GM. While the Ford gave me years of good service, the GM vehicle did not and I had it for six years. Does that mean that GM is crap? No, because I also drove a Cavalier that had high mileage before, and that car held up pretty well.

As with everything you buy, sometimes you get a defect. Now if you are buying a used car like the old saying goes, you are probably buying somebody else's problems.

18th Dec 2008, 23:51

I think both Mits and Hondas are good. Galant is an awesome car, I love its handling and looks. Its important to maintain your car properly. I wish there's more torque and horse power. 4.5/5.

26th Dec 2008, 23:01

This is just a question... I'm thinking of getting a Galant, but are these cars expensive to fix?

21st Apr 2010, 17:44

We currently have a 2002 Galant we purchased in 2003. It is an awesome car, and yes we do take it in for its scheduled maintenance. This car has not broken down or left us stranded anywhere. We are on our 4th complete set of tires and our most recent set should take us over the 200,000 odometer reading. We purchased the car with a little over 11,000 miles and currently have 170,000 miles. Our next car will definitely be another Mitsubishi Galant!

7th Jul 2010, 11:36

I bought a silver 2002 Mitsubishi Galant ES with the 3.0 V6 in February of this year with 96k miles on it. So far, the only thing I've had go wrong with it is the A/C hose stopped up and is now leaking in my passenger floor board, instead of on the ground like most normal cars. I need to replace struts all around, but that's normal around 100k.

This car was wrecked and the hood, bumper, and passenger fender were replaced. The windshield cracked and the dash also cracked in several places (this car was clearly made with cheap materials). There is rust in the engine compartment now and no windshield washer reservoir due to the wreck.

Overall, I love this car! It is very fun to drive and has ample passing power. However, I owned a 98 Ford Taurus with the same size engine which was much more fun to drive, and it was a grocery-getter! I only get around 17 MPG city, that's with new plugs, wires, and air filter. The car runs hot every time I come to a stop, I'm guessing the water pump is shot.

Styling on this car is excellent! The front fascia is extremely pleasing to the eye. It lacks features such as power seats and remote entry on the ES model. The quality of materials used in the Galant are extremely cheap. The interior is very plain looking, but the gauge cluster is very eye-catching.

If Mitsubishi had added power seats, lumbar support, heated mirrors, chrome accents on the interior, more rear leg room, a better sound system, and maybe even dual climate control, this would have been an amazing little car! But as is I still give it a 7 out of 10. For the money, you get what you pay for.

I will definitely own another Mitsubishi! Also I recommend this car to anyone on a budget (not a luxury seeker). It's extremely reliable and fun to drive!

5th Dec 2011, 00:01

For those of you that may not be aware of Mitsubishi's history, a few short sentences will suffice. Mitsubishi made aircraft engines and aircraft before and during World World II. The most famous of these was the legendary A6M Zero sen. During the early part of the war, the Zero outclassed every Allied fighter it encountered. Many Japanese fighter aces had 100 or 200 plus "kills" flying this plane. I think that Mitsubishi still knows how to build good engines, it's part of their pedigree.

2nd Dec 2012, 21:16

I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant GTZ. It had 243,000 miles on it when I bought it over a year ago. Still driving it now, and it has 256,400 miles on it, and all I have replaced so far is the drive pulley and radiator. It was one owner, and maintained on time. I paid 5000.00 for it, and it Blue Booked for 5,800.00 with 243,000 miles.

3rd Apr 2019, 19:33

They also built the Zero fighter aircraft before/during WWII and took over about 1/3 of the world before we could catch up.