2002 Mitsubishi Galant es 2.4 cylinder from North America


A complete pleasure to own


The air conditioner started to leak water on the passenger side interior floor.

General Comments:

This has been the best car I've ever owned. while the AC leaking water under the glovebox was annoying, I can't complain considering that I've driven 235,000 miles with it and that is the only thing that ever needed fixing, except for routine things like brake pads.

I even complete forgot about timing belt changes and remembered about it at 195,000 miles. that's right - the original timing belt was fine for 195k miles. it didn't even break, I just remembered about it and had it changed right away.

OK so yes it could have more power, be a little bit classier on the inside and fit and finish could be better. but hey... this car is like the energizer bunny. it keeps on going and going and going...

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Review Date: 5th November, 2007

2002 Mitsubishi Galant es 2.4 (16v) from North America


If the car was alive, I'd kill it right now!!


The transmission is very un-smooth, when attempting to decelerate. This creates a feeling of tightness, and the car begins to lock up so to speak. Also the speakers in the 4-cylinder ES are absolute peices of garbage, not to mention the actual stereo unit itself. The suspension is very cheap, and speed bumps have to ridden over at a very moderate speed, in order to avoid hearing that scraping sound against the undercarriage.

General Comments:

I don't want to go on for days and days about this car, but to be concise, it's a piece of crap. Yes, they may be a little bit cheaper than the Accord or Camry (which I'm no fan of either), but the Galants are built with inferior levels of quality and are a pain in the rear end.

Also, the seats are very uncomfortable, the brakes feel over-grabby and cheap, and the engine no thrill either. If you go out and buy a Galant, after reading this review, and the same thing happens to you... then you can't be mad at anybody, but yourself!!!

After all, these people make TV's; when it's hard enough for them to make 1 damn car with above average reliability.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2006

30th Nov 2006, 13:07

I think your bad comments about this car are either exaggerated, not true or due to poor maintenance.

Mitsubishi has been making cars for about 40 years now. Yes, they also make TV's. But that has nothing to do.

I have experienced Mitsubishi quality first hand, and in cars of friends and family. And they are nothing like your review states. Especially the Galant, I didn't buy one just because they don't make them with manual transmission. But overall it is an excellent car like the other reviews confirm.

Clearly you treat your car as a 4-wheeler and don't give any maintenance whatsoever, or you must be a Chevy or Ford salesman.

2002 Mitsubishi Galant ES 2.4L 4 cylinder from North America


Beats a ford


The rear driver side rotor is warped. At first I thought the alignment needed to be adjusted, but I can hear the tire is not spinning straight.

I have always done my own repairs, but this car has a lot more electronic equipment and much harder to work on than I am used to on a Ford.

Aside from that, no other complaints.

General Comments:

I fell in love with this car when I first saw it, and it hasn't dissappointed me.

Very responsive cornering, but poor center feel (some play in the steering).

This car really sticks to the road, I hit a sharp 25mph turn at 50 and never lost traction. I am notoriously hard on cars and this Galant has held up beautifully.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2005

2002 Mitsubishi Galant ES from North America


This is a fantastic car, I love everything about it



General Comments:

This car is a lot faster than I thought it would be.

It glides along the highway beautifully.

I can't believe how well it handles.

Front-wheel drive is fantastic.

I was a little worried before I bought it, but now I'm in love with this car.

I love the way it looks.

This car is as solid as cars get; plus, the transmission is incredibly responsive.

Nobody passes this car if I'm not in the mood...

I feel ultra-safe in this car.

I read about a few minuses re the interior, but it seems fine to me, except for the inconvenient placing of the cup holder.

I love the pearl color, especially at night.

One complaint: sometimes I activate the windshield wipers when I don't mean to, but this is less and less of a problem.

Some friends told me: Be careful getting a Mitsubishi, but I answer them: Be careful getting a Ford!

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Review Date: 18th April, 2005

20th Apr 2005, 19:39

Well, I wrote this review, therefore I think it's excellent!