Mighty Max 2wd 2.4 4 cylinder

A good little workhorse

83 words

Mighty Max 2.4

Can't beat the cost to buy and operate

122 words

Mighty Max 3.0 V6

A tough truck competitor

68 words

Mighty Max 2WD 2.4L MPI

A Heavy Duty Bargain

126 words

Mighty Max 2.4

Superb pickup truck

36 words, 1 comment

Mighty Max 2.4L I4 FI

A relatively well performing piece

190 words, 5 comments

Mighty Max 2.4L EFI Manual

A reliable little workhorse if the required maintenance schedule if followed

155 words

Mighty Max 2.4L

Great deal - keeps on going

117 words

Mighty Max 2.4 EFI

I only wish Mitsubishi still exported pickups to North America

63 words