Mirage DE 1.5

Cheap reliable car

92 words

Mirage DX 1.5

Fast and Durable buy it and out perform those expensive cars

193 words


The Best car I have ever owned!

49 words

Mirage DE 1.5L 12-Valve

Great handling and mpg for little $$$

457 words, 4 comments

Mirage DE Coupe 1.2L


82 words

Mirage DE 1.5L 4 cylinder

The Mirage is a beauty that cries for more power

76 words, 2 comments

Mirage DE 1.5L Inline-4

A fun and economic car

100 words, 3 comments

Mirage LS Coupe Evolution V 1.8 L 16v

The best in its class!

101 words, 3 comments