1999 Mitsubishi Mirage reviews from North America

Mirage DE 1.5

Cheap reliable car

92 words

Mirage DX 1.5

Fast and Durable buy it and out perform those expensive cars

193 words


The Best car I have ever owned!

Mirage DE 1.5L 12-Valve

Great handling and mpg for little $$$

457 words, 4 comments

Mirage DE Coupe 1.2L


82 words

Mirage DE 1.5L 4 cylinder

The Mirage is a beauty that cries for more power

76 words, 2 comments

Mirage DE 1.5L Inline-4

A fun and economic car

100 words, 3 comments

Mirage LS Coupe Evolution V 1.8 L 16v

The best in its class!

101 words, 3 comments