1992 Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed 2.5 turbo diesel


Great if the motor isn't cracked


Head gasket blew at 100,600.

Crack in the block/motor.

General Comments:

We enjoyed how it drove for the month we owned it, wish we had a place to buy a new motor.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2007

10th Mar 2007, 02:30

Thank for the insight, right here in Tanzania Mitsubishi Pajero is not rated as one of the serious 4x4 as the Toyota Land cruisers, Nissan and the Land rovers, however I have just imported mine at 54,000 kms. I pray that it gets me through to 100,000 kms plus or else the Mitsubishi Pajero goodwill is yet to suffer another blow.

I wish I know how it cracks the motor or block... was it an over used? mishandling or it just broke down like that? They look great in the interior, but they are noisy too. The smoke they normally emit irks me!

I guess I better start saving for yet another SUV in case it breaks just too soon. Adios!

7th May 2012, 08:25

Hi, 5 years after you posted this and I am also in Tanzania, considering buying a 3-door 1992 Pajero. Would you do it again?

2000 Mitsubishi Pajero XLS 3.0 Liter V6


A lot of truck for the price


The only problem I have experienced is some of the rubber shrouding protecting the engine in both front wheel wells broke loose and flapped in the breeze at highway speeds. The dealer replaced them free after about 15,000 miles.

Only negative I can say is slightly underpowered. I wish I would have chosen the Limited model with the 3.5 liter V-6.

General Comments:

I have not experienced any of the problems many others claim to have. I have had zero brake problems, I change my own pads. So far I have changed the front twice and rear once (62,000 miles).

I replaced the standard air cleaner for an HKS Mega Flow to increase power and fuel efficiency.

My wife and I love the truck and are considering another one.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2003