2004 Nissan Maxima SE V.6


Good dream turned into nightmare!


Where do I begin?

I have an 04' Maxima, which seemed to drive very good when purchased in 2004.

Then by 2005, I begin to notice noises that sounded like I was driving around with a portable water fountain inside the glove compartment. With each turn I made, the water sound would shift from side to side. It sound like a gallon of water being shaken up. My Nissan dealer could never explain those weird water sounds.

Then came the struts that needed replacement in 2006. The didn't ride smooth; it was very rough. The dealer told me I had a nail in my rear tire; they gave me a patch up and sent me on my way.

The noises weren't coming from the rear, only the front, so I took it to another Nissan dealer. They said it was my struts and replaced them under the factory warranty. Shortly after that incident, I was experiencing another noisy, rough ride. Back to the second dealer I go. They tell me it was my passenger side rotator. I paid for this one.

In 2007, I'm driving 75mph on the expressway and have a tire blow out, which could have been fatal. Thank god I was safe. My tire was wrapped around the rim. The next day I find that all 4 tires have cracks in their walls. More money to spend.

Now again here in 2007, I been experiencing the jerks every time I drive. Back to the dealer. They tell me it's my front motor mounts; I spend over $900 to have it repaired, and also my air conditioner goes out at the worst time. Low A/C hose needed to be replaced - $200 for the part. All repairs were done at the dealer.

I picked up my car, and before I made it off the lot, my car jerked worst than when I bought it in. Furious at this time! I expressed my frustration to the dealer and took the car back. They tell me now that it's a part in the Transmission called "Vasp"; the part cost $794. They keep my car for two days, put me in a rental car. When I follow up the story changed from "Vasp" to "YOU NEED A BRAND NEW TRANSMISSION".

What the hell are you talking about? I asked. Now I am really regretting purchasing this car. So I paid for motor mounts, when all along it was my transmission that was defective when manufactured.

The good news is that I was reimbursed, and my transmission was still under factory warranty. The bad news is that every year there's more problems to be addressed.

Definitely not worth my time, or money. Now that everything is running smoothly I am selling it. I think I'll try BMW this time around!

General Comments:

This car was not well thought out before Nissan made it.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2007

9th Oct 2007, 20:12

Oh, I feel bad for you. I understand how you must feel. On April 9, 2005 we bought our dream car a brand new 2005 Nissan Maxima SL. We have a Golden Retriver who disliked the car the second we pulled it in the garage. He barked and barked and ran around the car. It didn't take too long to found out why the dog didn't want the car in the garage...Twelve days after being in our possission, the transmission blew. Dealer clamied rodents got in the engine at my house and chewed on a wire and that is why the transmission, they refused to repair under warranty. It took over two months to get a new tranmission. Since the dealer wouldn't stand behind the sale, I did not allow them to fix it, I had it towed to another dealer. It was a nightmare. We have a three car garage and the new Nissan was the only one with any damage. Nissan does not stand by their products, nor their dealers. We filed suit and won, needless to say I no longer have the car and will never buy or even ride in a Nissan. Now we take the dog with us to the car lot, if he sniffs we run!!

25th Nov 2007, 23:13

My Max is much older than the subject, an '87 to be exact, but rides like a dream. I too, experienced a major blowout on a major freeway. I was going 70mph when I heard a gunshot-like sound and had to change the flat. I was so annoyed that when I returned home that afternoon I decided to change all four tires. The other annoying problem I am having with my car is the sunroof which leaks. Everytime it rains I feel as if I would be better off opening the sunroof because I can feel little rain as opposed to keeping it closed. When it is closed, water drips like I am standing outside. I will take it in to the dealer soon and hope it is not an expensive repair, we'll just have to see.

Before reading these reviews, I had actually considered trading up to a 2009 Maxima, but I am not so sure at this point.

2004 Nissan Maxima SL 2.65


Excellent auto and would recommend


Recently I've come outside to get in my car, & the windows are rolled down in the front. At first I thought my kids were playing with the key less remotes, but it's happened 2 times in 2 days.

Also when exiting my car, I would hit the lock button on the keypad & the horn would beep once, ensuring me its activation, but it's not even doing that anymore.

I went to dealer this morning, & he treated me as if I was bringing him a problem. I'm guessing he thought I bought my car elsewhere & wanted them to fix it! Anyone know what this could be?

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Review Date: 7th July, 2007