2004 Nissan Murano reviews from North America

Murano LX

Nice ride, but costly repairs

Murano SL

Do not buy one

Murano SL 3.5L V6

Nissan has done an EXCEPTIONAL job

170 words

Murano SE

I would not buy another one

Murano SE 245 hp

Nice looking, but not the real deal in an SUV

80 words

Murano SL 3.5L

Great car, dealer service is the worst I have encountered.

20 words, 2 comments

Murano SL V6

Nice looking, but should have listened to my wife and bought the Infinity

185 words, 8 comments

Murano SE

This is the best car I've had in 10 years

Murano SL ? (Not Powerful)

It is a piece of junk that I am embarrased of

55 words, 5 comments