Sentra XE 1.6

My automobile soul mate

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Sentra XE 1.6

It's a reliable car with performance potential in the right hands, or for people on a tight budget

233 words

Sentra XE 1.6

Great product, wish I was the first owner!

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Sentra GXE 1.4 dual overhead cam

I got my money's worth from this vehicle

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Still a good choice 15 years later

412 words

Sentra E Sedan 1.6L Inline-4

Strong, even until the end

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Sentra XE 1.6

I love it and if had the chance to buy another one I would

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Sentra SE-R 2.0

Great car for the money

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Sentra XE 1.6 GAde

402k miles, awesome car

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Sentra 4 cl.

A piece of trash that should be in a junk yard

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Sentra XE 1.6L 4 cylinder

Good all around car

44 words

Sentra SE-R 2.0

I will miss my Sentra SE-R

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Sentra E 1.6dohc

If I was to have another car I would go with Nissan

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Sentra XE 1.6 DOHC

A good practical economical car

176 words

Sentra E 1.6

A cheap and reliable car for the money

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Sentra SE-R 2.0

Serious fun on the cheap

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Sentra SE-R 2.0L dual overhead cam

A sport compact car with serious potential!

107 words

Sentra XE 1.6

A dependable economy car

233 words

Sentra EX 1.6 liter

A bang for the buck!

179 words

Sentra XE 1.6 dual overhead cam

Dependable, good gas mileage, low maintenance if taken care of

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Sentra XE

Great beyond the years

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Sentra XE 1.6L., 4 cylinder., DOHC, 16v

This car is one of the best cars ever made in terms of fuel economy and car performance

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Sentra SE 1.6L DOHC

An excellent dependable sporty compact car

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Sentra EX 1.6

Reliable, cheap, easy to maintain, fun to restore-a great bargain with modest style!

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Sentra XE

Fun car!

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Sentra XE

A good car, but I won't be a repeat buyer

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Sentra SE 1.6

Dependability and reliability are two words that complement the Nissan Sentra

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Sentra EX 1.6 gasoline

A car that behaves more like its higher priced cousins!

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Sentra XE 1.6 twin cam 16v

Enjoy the ride!, I sure did

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Sentra E 1.6L

A high value ride

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Sentra XE

24 words, 3 comments

Sentra GXE 1.6L SOHC 16V 4-cyl petrol

578 words, 12 comments

Sentra SE

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