Sentra XE 1.6 DOHC

Best $8k I could possibly have spent on a car in grad school!

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Sentra GXL

Save your money for something that won't have a million things wrong with it, all at once

187 words

Sentra GXE 1.6

Good for the family safety and budget

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Sentra GXE 1.6 litre

Best car you can buy for the price

240 words

Sentra GXE

A great budget car

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Sentra XGX 1.6

A good car for day-to-day use

108 words

Sentra GXE 1.6

If you find one that's been well maintained it should give you low cost reliability and longevity

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Sentra GXE 1.6

Is a beautifull car, economic and strong

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Sentra GXE 4 cylinder.

A decent car for a first time buyer

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Sentra GXE 1.6


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Sentra GXE 1.6 Liter

Long distance won't bleed your wallet

57 words

Sentra GXE 4 Cylinder

You get what you pay for

219 words

Sentra GLE 1.9L(I THINK)

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