1998 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.6 from North America


Is a beautifull car, economic and strong


I have noticed that the front glass wiper was worn when I first bought the car, so I had to change the rubbers only. Engine is Noiseless, ignition is excellent and still as is, but I face some delay in shifting to Gear 2 and 3 when the car is speeding on traffic, I need to press the clutch deeper to accelerate the car, but this sometimes cause the engin to bring noise and no acceleration occurs, this is bothering to me.

There is crust forming on the lower parts of the engine since I bought it. This is not a problem though.

This car is kind of very rare in my place, I live in the Middle East and have trouble finding spare parts, I wondered sometime of Nissan Sunny pieces replace for Sentra GXE? this is not related to the car performance though.

General Comments:

The car is nice, with good interior, comfortable to ride and is economic. I want to keep it when spare parts problem is figured out. I would love advice for maintenence and spare parts for this car.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2005

27th Jun 2016, 03:41

Check your clutch cable under the hood. It's a thumb wheel at the end of the clutch cable. 2 turns should be enough to raise the clutch up on the pedal to resolve the shifting issue. Did it on mine the other day and the car doesn't clunk into gear anymore. Smoothed out my shifting a lot. I used to have to try the clutch 2 times before shifting into reverse before it would pop into gear with a clunk. Tightened the clutch cable, and voila, all fixed and I can change gear way easier now.

1998 Nissan Sentra GXE 4 cylinder. from North America


A decent car for a first time buyer


I have followed the standard maintenance required by the manufacturer.

No major problems with the engine or transmission.

In the six years I have owned the car I have replaced the tires twice and the brakes three times.

One factory recall complied with on the windshield wiper bearing. Multiple wiper blades and holders have been replaced.

At 65,000 miles the clutch now needs to be replaced, the pedal when pressed to the floor is slow to release.

The original manufacturers' battery was replaced in January 2004.

Fuel lines need cleaning fluid run through periodically.

The car has recently had problems starting; the engine will turn over and immediately shut down unless the accelerator is pressed during ignition (undetermined diagnosis by dealer maintenance).

Moderate wear and tear of driving has produced numerous dents and dings on the body of the car.

The power window switch had to be replaced on the drivers-side door (expensive through dealer maintenance).

General Comments:

Overall, the Sentra is a decent car to own.

I travel frequently through city traffic and until recently (clutch going out) the car has handled excellent.

The gas mileage is better than average, which is good with the price of fuel today.

If you use the dealer service department standard maintenance and repairs are quite costly.

The interior of the Sentra has held up beautifully and the seats are quite comfortable. All of the console switches are easily reached from a driving position.

I drive with salt on the roads during the winter and no major rust has developed in the six years I have had the car.

The original windshield has no cracks or chips.

The air conditioner has never been recharged since I purchased the car and still works great. However, when the air conditioner is running the engine feels like all the power is being sucked out of it, especially up steep hills from first gear. I find that turning the air off is necessary for quick acceleration in a pinch.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2004