X-Terra SE (non supercharged) 3.3

Practical, reliable, looks cool, good off road

335 words

X-Terra Base 3.3

Reliable rugged SUV for work and play

329 words

X-Terra SE 4x4 S/C 3.3L supercharged

Now that gas prices are down; this vehicle is an excellent buy!

234 words

X-Terra XE 3.3 V6

My opinion of this Xterra is that it performs great and is ready for anything

135 words

X-Terra SE 4WD standard; no supercharger

Believe the advertising

110 words


I definitely am not an SUV person if this vehicle is what represents the SUV's of today

133 words

X-Terra SE/supercharged V6 S/C

43 words, 4 comments

X-Terra XE 2wd V-6 3.3 V6

An iron slug

246 words, 2 comments

X-Terra XE 6 cylinder gas

A great value for what you get

234 words, 10 comments

X-Terra XE 3.3

A great

361 words