Ciera International Series 3.8 Liter V6

Judge on the side of caution when looking at these cars

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Ciera XC Special Edition 3.8 liter

Pretty darned good

83 words

Ciera Cutlass V6

This is the best car that I have ever owned to date.

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Ciera X C Special Edition 2.8 Multi Port Fuel Injected 6 cylinder

Reliable quick Oldsmobile

72 words

Ciera XC Special Edition 2.8 mpfi 6 cylinder


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Ciera International 3.8litre V6

Fastest FWD car I've ever seen!

146 words

Ciera XC Special Edition 3.8L

This car revived my affair with General Motors

195 words

Ciera Brougham 3.8 V6

This car is Amazing

83 words

Ciera 2.5 iron duke

Handyman's secret weapon

169 words