Acclaim V6 reg

If you're going for safety, it's great, but if you're wanting reliability and looks, ha ha no

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Acclaim 3.0 V6

A great car all around. Nearly indestructible

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Acclaim 2.4

This was the most cost effective and comfortable car I have ever owned!

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Acclaim 2.5L 4-cylinder

Strong family car with plenty of comfort

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Acclaim 3.0 V6

V6 model is FANTASTIC city-driver

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Acclaim V6 Engine

Cheap Best Car I Have Ever Owned

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Acclaim 2.5

Amazing car - I could not have imagined a car being any better

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Acclaim Standard

It is a good little car and runs very well

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Acclaim Standard 2.5L

Reliable, easy to maintain and cheaper than buying a new car

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Acclaim LE 3.0 Ltr

A cheap, but reliable car

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Acclaim LE 3.0 V6

Best cars for the $$$$

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Acclaim Base 4 cylinder

Don't depend on it

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My car is still kicking at 12 years old!

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Acclaim 2.5L

A good buy

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Acclaim LX 2.0

Looking for a car that is cheap, reliable, comfortable, and good looking?

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Acclaim 2.5

Tough little car

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Acclaim 3.0 Litre V^

An underestimated sports sedan

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Acclaim Standard 2.5L, 4 Clyinder

A Mopar death trap

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Acclaim 2.5cl

Cheap on price, but not reliability.

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Acclaim 3.0L. V6

A reliable and quick car

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Acclaim 3.0L V6

A great cheap car with a good engine

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Acclaim LX 3.0 V6

A very reliable, capable and economical vehicle.

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