Oil leak

50 words, 1 comment

Breeze Base 2.0L

Just wow

288 words, 1 comment


This thing definitely takes a licking and keeps on ticking

157 words


Absolute Garbage

175 words

Breeze ?? 4 cylinder.

I don't know yet!

362 words

Breeze 2.4

Good car, once you put a lot of money into it..

303 words

Breeze 4 cylinder.

Overall good with a few expected dodge-type issues.

160 words

Breeze 2.0 SOHC MFI

Money pit

167 words

Breeze 2.0L SOHC

If I had money I would buy something better

185 words

Breeze 2.0 Litre Inline Four

Same Year Asian Imports Have Got Nothing on This Car

630 words, 3 comments


Not worth the trouble

115 words


Purple pocket-book eater!

147 words, 1 comment

Breeze 4 cylinder

A good looking car on the outside and ugliness on the inside

171 words

Breeze 2.4 cylinders

Looks good and holds up OK

153 words

Breeze 1 model 2.0L

Low maintenance bargain

225 words

Breeze 2.0

Excellent cars for the junk yard

298 words, 1 comment

Breeze 4 dr 2.0 liter

OK car, but will be my last Chrysler

123 words


What a lemon!

175 words

Breeze 2.0 4 cylinder

If you have deep pockets for repairs, be my guest.

213 words


Performs well for the driving conditions I need

31 words

Breeze 2.0

Needs help

54 words

Breeze Base 2.0 soch

Very unreliable and bad Head Gaskets!!

61 words, 3 comments

Breeze 2.0L

I'm in love with my car and won't trade it for anything (okay maybe for a vette)!

182 words, 7 comments

Breeze 2.0

154 words

Breeze 2.0 liter

Looks good, but not worth repair bills

169 words

Breeze 4-cylinder

Nice car with low resale value

119 words


Not impressed

113 words, 1 comment

Breeze 2.0

Best car I've ever owned

43 words, 2 comments


Oil leak, oil leak, oil leak..

95 words, 17 comments

Breeze 2.0

A durable reliable machine

77 words

Breeze 4 cylinder

Bad dealer service... too many recalls

217 words, 10 comments

Breeze 2.0L 4 cylinder

A peppy 4 cylinder!

68 words

Breeze 2.0L

A fair bargain priced sedan

70 words

Breeze 4

48 words, 2 comments