1996 Plymouth Breeze from North America


Oil leak


Fill the oil. and check the gas.. seriously.. goes through at least a quart a day unless I don't use it. JUNK!

General Comments:

Other than the starter going and the oil leaking like crazy, it's been a pretty decent car.

I like the way it drives, when I can drive it..

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Review Date: 13th April, 2010

15th Apr 2010, 18:10

I'm also having an oil leak problem; been told it's the rear main seal, which is a $500+ job for the transmission removal to get to it. Does yours leak from the same place?

1996 Plymouth Breeze Base 2.0L from North America


Just wow


Weird noise from the camshaft at 2800rpm.

Power steering went out at 140k.

Thermostat went buggy at 150k.

The transmission slipped a lot.

Fuel filter went at 140k.

All for cylinders leaked oil (every spark plug was always covered).

Lost nearly a quart of oil every week out of the back of the engine.

Both ball joints went out.

The only things I had fixed were the fuel filter, because the car wouldn't start, and the ball joint, because I couldn't drive it if I didn't.

General Comments:

I had this car for 4 years, bought it for 2k, and abused the hell out of it.

Everything that went bad or buggy, as long as the car started, I ignored.

I replaced the oil filter 4 times in the 4 years I had it, and just added oil to replace the stuff that had leaked out of the back of the engine.

I literally did not care about this car, I wanted everyday for it not to start or to die on the road.

When it had 160k miles on it, I drove from Metro Detroit to Yellowstone National Park (1800 miles one way), I worked there for the summer, and rented the car out and drove it back to Metro Detroit. In those 5 months over 15k miles were put on the car.

The point of this horror story of abuse to a car is to prove a point.

Chrysler can build a car that lasts!

Every mechanic I talked to about his car laughed and couldn't believe the trans lasted past 180k, let alone with this kind of abuse.

If you want a cheap car that will hold up through literal hell, this is the car for you.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2009

7th Oct 2009, 00:47

These are well-made cars. A friend of mine who owns a small (family-owned) dealership and car rental business has two '99 Plymouth Breezes active in his fleet, one with over 120,000 miles and the other with something like 140,000 and the cars are still serviceable and haven't given him a lick of trouble! Just goes to show, maintenance is key (his, being rentals, are maintained religiously).

1996 Plymouth Breeze from North America


This thing definitely takes a licking and keeps on ticking


At about 180,000 or 200,000 I developed a brake fluid leak which caught fire when brakes were applied. This was an expensive fix, but it was relatively simple. Replaced the hose for the fluid, and the brakes on the rear passenger wheel and she was good to go.

Currently leaking coolant, unsure where... maybe the water pump. If this is the reason, it will be an expensive repair at a repair shop (it takes about 5 hours to complete), but parts for it are cheap, so I may be able to get it done for less going to a friend's "backyard mechanic".

General Comments:

I love my car! I have had it for about 7 years and put well over a hundred thousand miles on it.

Took a hit from an SUV on the front drivers corner and suffered no structural damage, just cosmetic.

However, the stereo is simple AM/FM, no CD or cassette deck.

The heater kicks butt!

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Review Date: 10th November, 2008

1996 Plymouth Breeze from North America


Absolute Garbage




Timing belt

Rear brakes just keep falling apart

General Comments:

Well it's just a overall crappy car. See Chrysler must think it's normal maintenance to replace a head gasket, or a timing belt every 3,000 miles.

OK, so it's not that bad, but this car never went 6th months without going to the shop. I owned a Buick Century before and it gave me 15 years of service, and easily got to 150,000 miles without major problems. But this Breeze is lucky to get 110,000 miles with repair bills as high as I paid for the car itself.

Now it runs rough and shuts off at intersections like a Hybrid. I am dumping this in favor of a Prius (picking it up real soon from the dealer)...

Do yourself a favor. Stay away from Chrysler cars. Daimler really hosed them up real good. If you can't find another car, take the bus if you can!!! I am serious; this car will haunt you until you sell it. Listen to us! Or you will be sorry!

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Review Date: 17th April, 2008