1996 Plymouth Breeze 2.0 from North America


Best car I've ever owned


Oil leak at 125000.

Steering wheel worn thin around 50000.

General Comments:

Most reliable and durable car I have ever owned.

It's roomy, comfortable, and looks good.

I have never been easy on any car I've owned and this one has held up to it.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2001

18th Feb 2003, 15:57

This car sucks.Head Gasket leaks and chrysler will not pay for it you will!!!

30th Dec 2004, 18:27

I am helping my sister buy a used car for use at college. This is the car she has picked out and there are lot of bad reviews. I'm curious to know if this person has ever own a foreign car before.

1996 Plymouth Breeze from North America


Oil leak, oil leak, oil leak..


Several oil leaks. Leaks 1qt weekly.

Head gasket replaced 5 times.

Cam sensor replaced 3 times.

Front and rear seals leak oil.

Oil pan leaks oil.

Lots of recalls.

Very bad service.

General Comments:

This car has leaked oil since I purchased it. I paid half the cost to replace the head gasket a couple of times. Chrysler paid it in full once. It still leaks oil badly. I love the looks of the car, but the mechanical problems are not worth it. They have redesigned the head gasket 5 times and still haven't got it right.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2001

11th Jan 2002, 09:54

I bought the car in 96 and you can use is as a bi-yearly clock; every 6 months I had to put it in the garage for head gasket problems... In 2000 my dealer went "goodwill" on me and put in a brand new engine BUT go figure in October 2001 my mechanic found a leak while doing a brake job...

I would hope that Chrysler be "man" enough to admit that this engine "sucks"...

1996 Plymouth Breeze 2.0 from North America


A durable reliable machine


1. Head gasket at about 97,000.

2. Master cylinder has gone out.

3. Minor work, belts etc.

4. Steering column fixed.

General Comments:

Runs great for a 2.0 4 cylinder. Plenty of power to maintain high speeds on the express way. I've had it up to 100 and it still maintains steadiness.

It has over 130,000 miles on it and it still runs great. I hope to keep it another two years, and reach around 200,000 miles in it.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2001

1996 Plymouth Breeze 4 cylinder from North America


Bad dealer service... too many recalls


1. Rear window not sealed properly, I had a trunk full of ICE, the dealership kept the car for three weeks to fix & since I was under 25 I couldn't get a loaner car.

2. Steering wheel malfunction & again the car was kept for extended period of time to be fixed.

3. Belt replacements.

4. Brakes have had to be replaced 3 times before the dealership discovered it was a faulty caliper problem - very costly at 500.00 each time!

5. Oil leak due to a crack in engine portion holding the oil.

This car has not been driven rough or mistreated, has received an oil change & tune up every 2,000 miles since purchase, and has only 44,000 miles.

This car looks decent for a full size sedan and when something isn't in need of being fixed, it drives good too, however I think that it has had way too many problems and too many recalls to be worth the trouble of owning it...

Oh and dealer service SUCKS! They love to take their time letting my car sit for weeks in their shop but don't care that I have no transportation cause I'm not 25. Even though I own one of their crappy cars & the problems are their fault, they don't care!

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2001

7th Jan 2001, 11:24

A tune-up every 2000 miles? That's hard to believe.

17th Feb 2001, 14:42

I have a 96 Breeze, and it sucks too, but I don't have all the problems you have had, besides the automatic door lock works like crap.

I drive the hell out of it and the engine hasn't blown on me YET... but I guess only time can tell... never getting another Plymouth again... maybe a Prowler, but that's another story.

1996 Plymouth Breeze 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


A peppy 4 cylinder!


The heat just went out on it, need a belt to be replaced (twice). It's bad about the heat cause it's very cold and there is a lot of snow on the ground.

General Comments:

Great car, very peppy for a 4 cylinder. Still, I didn't want the 4 cylinder any more so I bought a 2001 Dodge Stratus R/T and am very satisfied, my mother drives the car now.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2000

1996 Plymouth Breeze 2.0L from North America


A fair bargain priced sedan


1 - Steering had to be replaced at 13k.

2 - Transmission had to be rebuilt at 62k.

General Comments:

The car runs good in general.

Did have two large repairs fairly early, both covered under warranty. Chrysler and the dealerships which repaired the vehicle took excellent care of me, better than other manufacturers and dealers I have dealt with in the past. Most of the time, the vehicle has been troublefree.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2000

1996 Plymouth Breeze 4 from North America


1) Oil leak around head gasket.

2) Oil leak around oil pressure sensor.

3) Rough idle.

General Comments:

Overall, great car. Was concerned that the small engine with the Breeze vs. the 6 cy. in the other Chysler 'cousin' cars would have low power, but the car is quite 'peppy'.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998

17th Feb 2001, 14:44

You obviously haven't had the car long enough to hate it. I know, I have one too.

19th Mar 2003, 22:16

My 1997 Breeze Looks great too. But the rough idle has been in the car for 3 years now. Six mechanics and two dealerships can't find the source. I was finally told to wait until something major goes, and maybe then they'll find the problem.