29th Jul 2002, 20:50

I have also had nothing but oil related problems with my '96. Right now I am trying to figure out the oil covering one of the spark plugs. I have also had head gasket issues. Horrible car... I will never go there again!

15th Oct 2002, 18:46

I also own a 1996 plymouth breeze with head gasket problems, fisrt time it went Chrysler paid part of repairs. Now I's told I need another head gasket (oil in #1 & #4 spark plugs) Why can't they finally fix this problems? I love my car, but its costing me money every time I turn around.

5th Nov 2002, 13:41

I married into a 96" breeze its my wifes. And it has the same problems with head gasket and spark tubes filling with oil! (1+3). Been through head gasket camshaft seal once already. Now I have to do the head gasket again with new sparkplug grommets. It just doesn't stop leaking. Lordy Lordy. Does anybody know why the tubes fill with oil?

18th Nov 2002, 08:48

My 96 Breeze is a sharp looking car, but I have had the head replaced in 2000. Then in 2001 I had the timing belt replaced and 7 valves along with a refurbished head. Now I am having problems with the spark plug wires. No one seems to understand why it is happening, but when I put new wires on it.. it will run perfect for about 2 weeks. Then it will start skipping, and you can't push the gas pedal more than a quarter to the floor or it will start skipping worse. Then I replace the plug wires again and it will run perfect for about 2 weeks and then start skipping again! Does anyone have any idea's to why it is doing this? I will take any suggestions you might have. You can email me at Merkz2000@yahoo.com with any suggestions. Thanks.

22nd Nov 2002, 21:53

I bought my 96 Plymouth Breeze 2 years ago used. I have paid almost $1,000 to fix oil related problems. At first, the dealer fixed an oil leak. Next, I had to replace the timing belt which is necessary, but I still had problems. My car started to buck again as before and drove like crap. The check engine light came on, so I pulled in the gas station. YEP!!! The gasket leaked and my spark plug was covered in oil. My car is getting repaired as of now. It will be ready tomorrow. Too bad I still owe $4,800 in payments or else I would have got rid of that piece of garbage because I am tired of paying money to fix the same problem.

9th Jan 2003, 14:25

Today I took my 98 breeze to the shop for what I thought would be a tune-up. Turns out that I have oil in my antifreeze and the mechanic thinks that the head gasket is gone. I've got 67k on the car and can't believe I need to put a new gasket in. I got on the net and I can't believe how many people with chryslers have had the same problem. I'll never buy chrysler again!


13th Feb 2003, 13:34

I own a 1997 Breeze. It's been very reliable to me in that it only breaks down when my son is driving it. First, the transmission went out. Thank God I had purchased the extended warranty because they paid it at the tune of $2500. Then it leaked a mocha latte looking substance all over my driveway. Turns out the oil was mixing with water. Got that fixed. Now there's an oil pan leak. And it's skipping. I can drive for 35 miles with no problems, but it starts skipping when I drive and there's no power. I've been almost creamed on the freeway because I couldn't accelerate when merging with traffic. This is my first and my LAST Chrysler.

10th Mar 2003, 08:31

Same here...1998 Breeze-79000 miles-noticed oil on the garage floor... a few drops which created between 2-4 tennis ball sized areas of oil. We found the leak and it is on the drivers side on the rear of the engine. Replacing head gasket this week. At first they thought it was the cam position sensor which was leaking as well, as you could see it pool in the freeze plug just under it. (Gee, let's put a plastic part on the heads-NOT GOOD) -anyway, leak got better, but not completely gone...Finally, after cleaning the entire rear of the engine and starting the car and waiting... we did find the leak where stated above. Leaked best while engine running at 3000 rpms - hardly no leak at an idle... Now which gasket??? Felpro-Victor or Dodge??? Dodge mech says not to use dodge gasket due to multiple revisions - YIKES! Have read where the problem was Mexico Plant problem.. really tho' seems like it pretty much our problem at the present!

14th Mar 2003, 18:29

I like all of the rest of you own a 98 Plymouth/Chrysler and I'm so relieved to find out that all of you are having problems with your head gasket. I thought I did something wrong. I too am leaking tons of oil and just finally got someone to look at it. I plan to take it to the dealer to see what's up. Can someone let me know what steps I should take to get Chrysler to pay?

4th May 2003, 19:22

I have also bought a 1996 Plymouth Breeze almost two years ago for a reasonable price. I figured since it had 200, 000 kms on it, that it would be reliable and that all of the bugs would be out of it. It has been a good reliable car until a week ago. The transmission doesn't want to shift out of second gear some of the time. If I shut the car off and start it up again, then it works for awhile, and then starts up again. My mechanic has had it in the garage for four days now, and he hasn't found the problem yet. I'm giving him one more day, because I'm just racking up a larger bill by it sitting there longer and longer. If he can't find anything, I'm just going to get something else, but not a Dodge product. I should have just kept the Dodge Shadow that I previously owned.

8th May 2003, 10:58

I own a 1996 Plymouth Breeze with 161,000 miles on it I too have have 2 head gaskets and 2 rack and pinion's put in. Now the oil light stays on for about 10 minutes after I start the car and then goes off.??

20th May 2003, 22:18

I too own a '96 Plymouth Breeze. A year ago, I bought it for $6000 and I thought it was a bargain with only 40,000 miles on it. Well, a year later, I wish I would have never bought the car. A couple of weeks ago, I got my oil changed and they said engine oil was leaking into the coolant. Then a couple of days ago, my check engine light came on and now it is sitting in my driveway. I start up the car and now it smells like gas or oil and I'm guessing it has to do with the head gasket. I can't do anything with it until I get it fixed and it's hard to trade it in because I owe $4,100 on it yet. I love the outside appearance, the spoiler I have on mine, and the roominess of the inside, but it's not worth it.