24th Jan 2004, 10:13

Guess what, if you have replaced the head gasket, or ANY OTHER specific thing more than 3 times, it's your fault for not looking into the lemon laws. After 3 times, the work has to be done for free.

28th Dec 2004, 12:51

Head gasket, oil pan, oil pressure switch, oil in #2 and 3 spark plugs... all in 3 months of ownership on my '97 Breeze... need I continue? It drives OK for what I paid for it, ($2000) but it is tiresome having to park over a piece of cardboard every night, and going through a quart of oil a week.

20th Apr 2006, 13:42

Like yourselves, I too own a 1996 Plymouth Breeze, It has 163000 kms (100,000) miles, I bought the car new when I graduated high school (my parents paid most of it) and through the years I have abused the little green devel, a lot. It has now been ten years, I have kept the car as a second vehicle, meanwhile having major problems with my main vehicles, that I do not abuse, The Plymouth has never given me a problem, not so much as an "OIL LEAK", it has started in our cold Alberta winters, and has seen the shop only for oil changes, it has yet to need a timing belt, or show any signs of rust, or even interior wear, I don't have the space nor the time to tell you the major expensive problems, I have been encountering with my $50,000 Gm product (Yukon Denali),and the un believable crap I went through with my $45000 Lincoln Navigator. SO I Just thought I would mention that like all of you, I will never buy a certain product again,2 in fact,GM and Ford, for a car that has cost so little to purchase, I think owning my breeze was just that.. a breeze.

25th Jun 2006, 16:08

"I would hope that Chrysler be "man" enough to admit that this engine "sucks"..."

The engine is fine, but the head gasket is the main problem. Chrysler did fix the issue though, they replaced the original head gasket with a multi-layer steel gasket for 1999 models. Try looking out for one of those.